Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend Rant - May Sweeps

Farmer wants a Wife kicked off this week, and if the first episode is any indication, I know that I have found another Guilty Pleasure that had me in minor fits of hysteria from the moment it started.

First of all, Farmer (Matt), is a pretty good looking, good old boy who likes to farm (shirt and underwear free), has abs for days, and now suddenly has 10 ladies ("city folk") after his hot ass.
The majority of the girls are way out of their element, but there are a couple that stand out, and it has the makings of a great, trashy show. My picks for the Farmer are Brooke and Christa as they seem to have some chemistry already... Kanisha is trying real hard and seems to be quite interested in Matt, and the biggest joke has to be Josie. I don't think the farm needs another cow...

Besides seeing the girls trying to deal with farm life (and lose those pumps quickly girls, they aren't practical for walking through fields), we got the best elimination ever..... can you believe that the girls need to check under their chicken to see if they have an egg to find out if they are still in the running to be the wife??? Too hilarious... it certainly contrasts your typical "Rose Ceremony" or the Torches on Survivor and added another quaint element to the show. Hopefully enough people will tune in so we can see the whole thing play out.

Lost continues it's season with another outstanding episode. This week's Jack-centric episode was another complete mind-frack, with seeing more of future Jack & Kate, the dilemma of Aaron, Jack's dead dad popping up to visit with both Jack and his " no one knows that she is his daughter also " Claire.... it was all another surreal experience that convinces me more and more that the Island is some sort of a nexus for time and space... we had more references to Alice in Wonderland and I wonder if some one needs to go back through the rabbit hole to change things or to get home. I was surprised that suddenly Jack didn't have a hairy chest (I think this has something to do with his participation in the Speed Racer film) and it was relative to the whole surgery thing... but continued in the flash-forward? It doesn't seem like his personality to have to do all that manscaping but at least were treated to some more hot make out scenes with Kate and Jack. Poor Kate... all those hot make out scenes with Jack and Sawyer-- what's a girl to do? (except wear pants?)

Jack's appendicitis and surgery with Juliette was interesting, but it was more the participation of Rose and Bernard this episode that got me excited. We haven't seen much of either of them this season, and per usual Rose was the big voice of reason and she wants to know that if the Island seems to be a place of healing then why was Jack sick? Good question... and I wonder if they are leading up and beginning to explain why only some of them (the Six) get off the Island -- others stay to live as they know that they can't live in the real world. Locke, Rose and others know that for the grace of the Island they are still alive.... and that leaving is becoming less and less an option.

There is still something big going on with Claire.... her visions of dad and disappearing tonight, as well as the messages to Jack that he is not supposed to raise Aaron all tie into the first season when Claire was told that she had to raise her child (by the psychic who freaked out) or there would be hell to pay.... I keep thinking that if the Island is some sort of nexus that maybe time is more fluid and that events can be changed... as they have been hinted at before with Desmond and Daniel. God this show just sucks me in and gets my head spinning...

Survivor: Micronesia pulled off it's best episode of the season with Amanda finding that damn hidden Immunity Idol, and pulling it out at the last minute to save her ass and get Alexis eliminated. Poor James got booted due to medical reasons (rough season this year) and poor Erik is the last boy standing. The claws are coming out and I am hoping that Cirie's days are numbered, that woman was cold and evil this week and has not one decent bone in her body if she can turn off her Nurse instincts as easy as that ..... yikes!

I had to check out Ugly Betty this week just to see Christian Siriano milk his Project Runway fame for another 30 seconds and found him bland and repetitive. (Fierce is so over and he has the gall to call Rebecca a "hot tranny mess" when she isn't really a tranny but plays one? Puhleese.... )
Nina Garcia as his "handler" was brilliant and she stole the show, and had the best lines of the evening. We all know who the real star is -- someone get the Nina a better deal.
Now that would be fierce. snap snap snap