Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Andromeda Strain -- or the Strain of watching this crap

I am almost convinced that anything that Rick Schroder is in is now doomed to be a piece of crap. His track record has been falling short recently... anything from his last performance in 24 (that bad season before the strike that made me happy we skipped a season), the TERRIBLE film that came out awhile ago (Journey to the Centre of the Earth) and now this remake of a great film.

Seriously, these remakes have to stop -- there is no reason in remaking the classics if the writers are destroying the original story. I `d really like to know if the film or script was approved by Crichton -- I am pretty sure that he will not be happy with how things turned out.

I think the thing that surprises me the most, is that it started off well and was pretty much on the money for the first part of the series, it was really last night that it went way off into left field and I honestly had no idea what the frack they were doing with the story. Not even the subtle `coming out` of the Major Bill Keane character (`Don`t ask - Don`t tell`) was not enough of a modernization to make it interesting, nor was it even necessary. Some things are better left off as they were -- I am completely and utterly disappointed with this whole debacle.