Monday, May 12, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia - End Game

Survivor: Micronesia ended out a great season with more twists and turns. I actually like that they went back to the `Final 2 ` concept (it was harder splitting the final votes 3 ways), and I was pretty much happy with the outcome. I was hoping that Amanda would win, but it appears that she is suffering from Bridesmaid syndrome. She did get Ozzy as part of the game... so she can`t be complaining that much.... I sure as hell wouldn`t.
I knew as soon as they said it would be going down to the final 2 that Cirie would be the next to go. Natalie was the obvious first elimination as the girls were pretty strong about keeping their original alliance together.... but I did feel bad for Cirie and know who badly she wanted to win. She tried hard, and if she had gone to the finale she probably would have won. Amanda was smarter in choosing Parvati... but she didn`t think that some of the jury would appreciate how Parvati played (and she was ruthless) and ultimately made everyone know who the better player was.
I have to agree that this was one of the better seasons so far -- and I loved how the girls took control and bounced those big strong guys out one after another. Here`s hoping the next season will be even better (and it will be great having another round in Africa) and I can hardly wait to see one of my favorite shows in HD. Congrats Parvati!