Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend Rant - Playing Catch Up

The Couch Potato had a real busy week, and have not had any time to post this week so this is probably going to be the busiest rant I have done in ages..

Start your engines:

Survivor:Micronesia proved once again that in this game you never know what is going to happen. Erik honey, you can run but you can't hide the fact that you made the biggest blunder in Survivor history (much to Jame's joy-- he finally loses that title) by believing that he could give away Immunity to win votes. Ummm is this an episode of Smartest Model? Erik was worked over by all the girls (except Parvati, who seems to think she is on vacation) and my money is on Cirie winning the whole thing but my choice is Amanda who has played a great game. That girl has been working it left, right and centre the entire game. If they don't get rid of Amanda next council, she might steal the crown.... so I think that Cirie will try to get Amanda out. If that fails, bye to Natalie (and the last Fan). This season has been great and I was howling with laughter as Erik got played at council.... even Jeff found it amusing. All will be revealed tonight, and there is no way I am missing the finale and reunion, I can hardly wait to see Erik get raked over the coals a bit for his "stoopid move". I mean seriously-- a chance to be in the final 4 and you give that up? Seriously? sigh...... but we do have the first all female finale.. sharpen your claws....

Dancing with the Stars had me having kittens after the performances on Monday and apparent bad scores for Marissa & Tony. I was breathing a sigh of relief and jumping for joy when she was put through to the semi-finals and was glad it was Mario who got ousted. Now I am not sure if it was just me, but Karina was so blase about the whole thing (and had the total don't frack with me look on her face) and I see that some of the other female professionals are starting to get a bit tired of the whole thing. I am hoping to see Cristian eliminated next and
I am not really sorry to say but Cheryl is really starting to get on my nerves and I can't wait to see her leave. Edyta is the only female dancer that seems to have a decent attitude (and who can't with her yummy partner Jason) and the male dances seem to be hanging in better. I still think that Kristi & Mark are going to win it all.

The 100th episode celebration was interesting-- I loved seeing Mel & Maks again (they have such great chemistry) and it was an interesting trip seeing the evolution of the series (and thankfully they glossed over some of the really bad ones quickly) but I found it interesting to see that our year one winner seems much less qualified compared to our current competitors. Kelly was okay.. but she wouldn't have made it past the first couple of weeks if she was competing now. They have got to find some way of getting Sabrina back on the show -- she was eliminated way before her time and I am still dying to see more.

Lost knocked another ball out of the park with more time discrepancies relating to the Island (the doctor on the freighter finding out his fate before it happens was freaky), but more of the back history of John, and besides finding out the he was a premature baby born to a single teenage mother, there was the surprising guest appearances and tests with Richard (does that guy ever age?) that were designed to see if he was the chosen one. I loved John's artwork of a smoke type monster that was attacking a guy.. very vivid imagination for a child. Later there was more of the mysterious Mr. Abaddon and some inspiration to John to go on his infamous walkabout that brought him to Oceanic Flight 815, and then this repeating scene and the revelation that Jacob's cabin was built by a mathematician (very interesting considering the unique properties of the Island) and said cabin currently houses Christian (Jack's Dad) and in a strange twist of events , Claire (his illegitimate daughter)... it's all very freaky and interesting stuff but what is going on with Claire?

And this thing about it is now time to move the Island ...

What?? My head is going to explode with all the players, shakers and movers .. what about the soldiers who want to kill all of them? What about Jack and the others on the beach and not really aware of the danger? and dammit there are only a couple of episodes left until the end of this season... arghhh!