Sunday, July 13, 2008

Doctor Who - Journey's End

All I can say is ...

H O L Y C R A P ! !

I am still in a state of shock after the 2 part season finale of Doctor Who, and it's taken me a couple of weeks to digest all of it. I was literally on pins and needles for the week following part 1 -- I kept wondering how they would get around that whole regeneration thing and it was interesting to see "the hand" come into use for a very special purpose. I (like most of the fans) were really hoping for David to hang around as the Doctor, and I was ecstatic there was an exit strategy for that problem. It was heartbreaking to see the Doctor and Rose almost reunited and then torn apart like that again.

As for the rest -- yup, absolutely loved seeing all the different "Children of Time" that helped out ( but was shocked that there was no sign of the Doctor's Daughter as I really did expect her to pop up at some time) with the great story. No -- make that a Big story, big effects, big stars and a hell of a big ending to the season. There were lots of story lines that were tied up -- and although I loved the part of the story with the 2 Doctors and Donna as the Doctor-Donna, I was saddened with the ending of the story. Donna Noble was a great companion, and it was hard to see her return to her previous self indulgent and "unimportant" self after she had matured and developed as a character over the season. I love Catherine Tate, and she really showed off her acting chops over the past season, as she really managed to make Donna Noble in to a character that I wanted around, and I am curious as to whether or not they will revisit her character at some point. I am seriously in grief over this loss, and I find this one even more difficult than dealing with the loss of Rose. Rose was still alive in an alternate universe, while poor Donna has had her mind stripped of all memory of the Doctor and all the amazing things that she has seen and done. The universe remembers her and she can't remember any it for even a second or she will burn up. A Time lord/human mix doesn't work that well.
Speaking of Rose, I did appreciate that they finished off that story and that she is off in the alternate universe with the human-Time lord Doctor. At least that version of the Doctor was not afraid of speaking of things such as love,and will grow old with Rose and they can have a happy life together. It was very convenient... but appreciated none the less and a nice finish for those 2.
The apparent changes at Torchwood will have to be seen next season as it looks like Martha and Mickey (really?) are joining up with Jack and crew. That could be an interesting pairing up, and as we have seen, crew seem very disposable on Torchwood, so if the public doesn't buy it they can just bump off the unpopular characters. I can almost bet that James Marsters will be back again, he is too much of a delicious bastard to keep away for too long. Besides, he brings some interesting chemistry and tension to the show.
I am looking forward to the Christmas Special with the Doctor, as things ended up with him alone and feeling guilty for being the destroyer of worlds and lives, and I want to see where things go next. He never seems to travel alone for long.