Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Runway - Bright Lights, Big Mouths

My love/hate relationship with Project Runway is becoming more intense with each passing week. As much as I am a fan of Kenley (and I was raving about her last week), I couldn't get into her balloon -half-purple-ass-dress that she put together this week. The Judges loved it and thought it was astounding. There are some things in fashion that I will never understand.

I was happier to see that the designers were a bit more creative in the Photo Challenge this week, and that some of them really stepped out of the box and found images that were completely abstract (Keith, Terri and Stella were creative, Blaine was just a stoner about the whole thing) to work with. I like seeing the creative process but was in hysterics with Stella and her camera woes and then the whole bitchfest with Keith. Stella is one of the best characters this season (and if you don't like her you know she doesn't give a frack). There seem to be quite a few of the designers that talk big this season and they don't always have the goods to follow through with. This would probably be the best point to mention that if Suede does not stop talking about Suede that he might get a drastic alteration to that big mouth of his like getting it sewn shut. That whole 3rd person thing is so last decade and irritating as hell.... Fitting in with the big mouth theme of this evening is guest judge Sandra Bernhard. I loved Sandra in things like Roseanne, but fashion isn't one of the things that come to mind when I see her and I don't see the rapport with her being there and I wonder why ... but then I should be careful as the last time I made a comment around her she made sure to give her two cents worth (the infamous Madonna comment on another blog) and I don't want to piss her off .. but I do know she has a big mouth and that is how it fits right into the theme of this episode.

I think one of the other outstanding big mouth moments of the evening was the whole thing between Tim and Emily. Tim voices his opinion for a reason ... and if he is concerned with your design it's more than likely for a damn good reason. Emily made the decision to go her own way and was shooting off her mouth about feeling secure about her design choices and ignoring Tim. You can probably read the writing on the wall after that one...

For the life of me, I can not see how/why the baked one (Blaine) slid through this round -- his dress was worse than the one eliminated. His 'design' looked like a black dress that Walt Disney sneezed on. Keith is quickly proving that he is just a pretty face with his post it note dress and he hasn't really been knocking anything out of the park. I really thought that Terri did one of the best jobs (and her ensemble was a great representation of her photo of graffiti) and deserved the win, and that's why she got the blog spot. Leanne's dress was incredible and nicely inspired by her organic sensibilities. Stella did another rocking outfit and I don't think she gets the credit she deserves. Unfortunately, Emily's dress was chosen as the worst (I still have reservations about that, Jennifer's design was drab and Blaine was atrocious) and she was aufed. Next week is some Olympic influenced event but later in August RuPaul is dropping by and that should be a very fine evening indeed.