Monday, July 21, 2008

How do you solve a problem like Maria? - Week 5

After the complete debacle of last week and the exit of Donna, the Couch Potato is still a little miffed and still feels like Diva Donna was forced off by stacking the odds against her. I wonder if the Freedom of Information Act would give me access to the voting records, I still have a problem believing that Donna's legions of fans left her hanging... but then again this is probably just another one of those random rants.

Conspiracy theories aside -- I do have to say the "surprise" appearance of Lord Webber last night left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I loved the bit with John Barrowman (those lucky girls) and he just reinforced his sexy image. Elaine had to start dropping names and after mentioning Richard Geer, the fricking Lord of Whatever made a bitchy comment about gerbils.
Puhleese, that is not behaviour befitting the most common folk -- let alone a so called Lord. Just nasty stuff. Simon didn't do much but live up to his name of Sir Twitches-a-lot. Thankfully Gavin is there to keep things semi-serious, I am starting to find his hosting style quite amusing.

As for our Marias --- Janna is completely boring me to tears at this point and I don't want to see her as Maria now, I still don't see Jayme as Maria (as I have said for weeks), Marisa disappointed last night with her performance so I gave all my votes to Elicia. She did a great job last night and hope to see her in the final Maria Show Off. I almost tried to vote for Donna anyways last night.