Monday, July 07, 2008

How do you solve a problem like Maria? - Week 3

Week 3 has arrived and this week is double elimination week. I am not sure if that means that the ratings are not what is expected (it was in the top 25 at the beginning but has fallen since then) or if it is part of the 'formula'. It's a new show for Canada so it seems kind of experimental at the moment.

Our Marias performed Musical Theatre numbers last night, and a few of them were absolute stand outs (Marisa and Elicia were outstanding, and Janna and Donna were great) -- I thought that Simon was having a seizure while watching one of the girls with the way that he was twitching. Of course, for all the great performances there were a few of them that fell to the side. I am pretty sure that there is no tomorrow for Tamara (sorry dear) and it's time for our little pink lady (Katie) to hit the road. There was some mumbling at the beginning of the show about Donna being a bit of a diva and that not being appreciated by Elaine. John was hilarious and said that every leading lady he ever worked with was a diva and a bitch (or at least the good ones were) and that he doesn't care. I hope that it doesn't affect Donna's chances this week (hard to say, some of the girls were terrible but bad impressions can be just as dangerous) and she is still around when they are trimmed down to 6 tonight. Donna got all of my votes again -- I still see her as Maria and think she could be a huge success.