Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How do you solve a problem like Maria? - Problem Solved!

After 6 months of competition (and yes, that is a hell of an audition for a role), the voting was finally tabulated and Canada got it's Maria for the upcoming revival of the Sound of Music.

The crowd was certainly alive last night as Elicia was chosen as Maria and knocked Robo-Maria (Janna) on her schnitzel.

I was happy to see that it was a girl with warmth, heart and innocence that won. I was seriously concerned for the past few weeks that Janna was going to win (she seemed to be the Judges' favorite) but it appears that this voting thing actually paid off.

It was a shame that we didn't get to see all the other girls before the big reveal (if they do something like this again, they really need to have a clue about how to put a show like this together) as I wanted to see their reaction to who won. Would it have been shock or awe that it wasn't Robo-Maria? I actually missed seeing Simon the past couple of episodes as I wanted to see how he would react to the winner.... maybe there will be a follow up on the website.

Congratulations Elicia! I really hope to get the chance to see you perform and am sure that you will do a great job.