Monday, July 14, 2008

How do you solve a problem like Maria? - Week 4

Well , well, well ..... it appears that the Lord (Andrew Lloyd Webber) doesn't like Donna that much -- and let the conspiracy theories loose because after last night I have the definite impression that they are trying to force Donna out of the competition.

This is not one of my favourite things .... last night they gave another muted performance to Donna ("Another Challenge" as Simon Lee likes to call them), who, despite the challenge, rose above it and sang the hell out of the song. I do have to say that the fact that they paired up that performance with a very dynamic one was an even more blatant attempt to try to dissuade the voters. It didn't work at my home, as we maxed our votes out for Donna on line and by telephone and I hope that she is here next week to blow Andrew Lloyd Webber off his chair with her dynamite voice and presence.

At least John Barrymore is still a fan of Donna .. Elaine seems to be on the other boat and Simon ( Sir Twitches-a-lot) will do whatever his Lord wants, so the odds seem to be stacked against her at this point and so I am really crossing my fingers tonight.

As for the other performances, as I have been saying for weeks, Tamara has to go ( I was still shocked that she was kept last week and Kyla was sent home), and will probably be joined by Janna and Elicia in the bottom 3. While Janna kind of bombed last night, she will probably make it to the next round due to her previous performances. Jayme seems to have stepped up her game but I still have problems seeing her as Maria and she is my other choice to leave, but that probably won't happen as she turned out a good performance last night. Marisa is turning into the pleasant surprise that I wouldn't mind see win if Donna doesn't .. that was a great rendition of Downtown last night.

Go Donna !!!