Monday, July 28, 2008

How do you solve a problem like Maria? - End Game

Finale week is finally here -- and after all the drama of the past few weeks it's finally down to fresh faced Elicia (my choice) or Janna (the Maria clone).

The Judges were short one last night as Simon had personal business (things were a tad less twitchy last night), and his royal whatever Andrew was feeling a bit under the weather and I was just waiting to see how obvious they were going to make their choices. I still think that have already decided on their winner and are just playing along until they can reveal who the winner is.

As the girls got whittled down from 3 to 2, there were several comments thrown out that made it clear that Jayme was too sexy for the role of Maria (as I have been saying for weeks), and we found out the Janna got the most votes and would be part of the final vote. Janna is too polished and too perfect for the role, and she lacks the wide eyed innocence that I see in Elicia. Maria is innocent and not some fembot. Needless to say, all of my votes went to Elicia and I hope to see her in the winner's circle tonight. Hopefully the Judges feel the same way, and from a few of their comments you might think that will be the outcome but stranger things have happened.
I for one, am just glad that it is over.