Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend Rant - Armageddon with a touch of Orange

I don't think that I have been this excited about a reality show in ages ... well maybe not since the glory days of last summer's Most Smartest Model ... but Shear Genius has been nothing but Sheer Pleasure in it's first 2 weeks, After last week's carton icon challenge, we get around to a short cut shortcut challenge (say that fast 1o times) judged by no other than the Queen B(itch) of last season, Tabatha. Our merry team of stylists try to keep their bitchiness up to to Tabatha's level (talk about a losing battle -- you can't beat her) and I was slightly in awe of her ability to bring out the worst in the stylists in so short a time. It was the biggest bitchfest that I have seen in ages and of course, set the stage for the now to be infamous run in with those ' Real Housewives of Orange County '. Charlie rasps " Oh my God -- Armageddon" and I am in hysterics. Charlie has one of those great Harvey Fierstein/Brenda Vaccaro voices that leaves an impression. I have to say how impressed I am with the way Bravo seamlessly advertises 2 of it's other series in just one episode as our Queen B Tabatha will soon be hosting her very own Bravo show (and that is something not to be missed).

After much drama (and that Daniel is such a drama queen), it's Charlie who wins (again) and horror of horrors! It's that cutie Parker sent home. He who can't color can't play this game it appears. Now if they could only do something with Meredith -- that hair color is just too much, and I can't imagine anyone going to her and even thinking of getting their hair done. Yikes!
My money is still on Charlie to go all the way and win the tiara.

Kathy continued with another great episode of her Life on the D List this week --I was loving the whole rant about being banned again from the View (it appears the Barbara Walters doesn't have a great sense of humor) and it was great to see her mom pulling for her and saying that she would no longer watch the View. Kathy meets up with her friend Rosie O Donnell for some crafting and in an interesting turn of events Kathy gets ordained on line and performs a Wedding ceremony.

Team Griffin has still not responded to my pleas and we are praying that Kathy has time for her gays in less than 2 weeks! The sucky thing is that we might miss the D List (we will catch it later) as our show is the same night... I wonder if this will be mentioned at some time in the show?

Celebrity Circus had a rough week with Christopher Knight dropping out due to his broken arm (Peter Brady did great on the show) and it looked like it saved Wee Man's ass for that week. I was not happy with the scoring system last week (Wee Man got a perfect score and Antonio and Stacy didn't?) and will be looking forward to the finale after next week. My final 3 are Antonio,Stacy and Rachel ( I thought her dog act was cute) but I expect to see Wee Man there instead of Rachel (popular vote). If Antonio isn't in the finale I will skip it -- the show is fun to watch but no eye candy makes it slightly less appealing, and besides, the guy has been doing some of the toughest acts, it's just too bad he couldn't get his Trapeze act together.