Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - Extreme House Edition

Things are just as crazy as ever with the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Last season ended with her not so shocking break up with business partner Peter, and this year Janice has the brilliant idea to buy a huge house, and relocate the agency there. This way she can live in the house and keep an eye on things. Janice thinks she is playing den mother, but we all know that she is just a control freak that wants to mold all the models into money machines. I think there is always that fine line between treating the models like human being and pieces of meat that Janice seems to dance around on a continual basis.

I was laughing like crazy when Janice decides to call Madonna`s brother (the one that wrote the crappy tell all book about his so called life with his sister) to help do a make over on her part of the house. In no time (yeah right), the changes are made and Janice is moved into the new place (the editing is as terrible as usual on this show) and it looks like Janice has a secret room to monitor the models all over the house from her suite, and it`s kind of like the Batman TV show with the switch to the monitoring room hidden in a mannequin.

`Let the games begin!` proclaims Janice.

I am already worried how Janice is going to use this against all the models but am jealous of her voyeuristic point of view. You just know that the models will get in to all sorts of trouble in that house. This year is like all the previous seasons, Janice likes to to stir things up so does another cattle call and gets more models. More models = more drama and before you know it her old gang are feeling miffed and putting on major attitude with the newbies. Kehoe was hilarious with his whole `You call those models?` riff and had me in hysterics. It seems that the boys and girls are as hot as ever. I am digging the hot deaf model (sorry-- hearing challenged) Martin who is a real cutie and fell instantly in love with Chandler`s eyes. All of the gorgeous eye candy like Dominic are still around and if there is any reason the check out the show it has to be him. The guy oozes hotness ... the bad news is that Janice still has Sorin dressed as her very gay bodyguard and the guy needs a break.

Still.. you know that you can`t drive by an accident with out looking and I will still have to check out the model disaster week after week to see all the drama that will ensue... sometimes you have to make sacrifices and this is one I am willing to do.