Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Ghost in the Machine - WTF??

I haven`t blogged much about this season so far of Stargate Atlantis, mostly because this season has been pretty bad so far. I haven`t enjoyed the storyline (or more the lack of story) and the current development with trying to fit in Woolsey in to the mix just hasn`t been that interesting. I do understand that they are trying to set the stage for this season, but it`s taking too long and has not been interesting in the least.

I was really unhappy with the last episode, and it looks like Torri Higginson has had enough of them as well as she didn`t make it back for this past episode, which was to feature the return of her character Dr. Weir.

After the way she got shafted by the writers (who seemed to think that bringing Samantha Carter on board was a good idea for one season and then to have her vanish off the map this year so she can go off to do that other sci fi series) I am not surprised, but disappointed that she is gone.. and that her role in the episode was done only by flashbacks and then the stupid idea to use FRAN`s template as a `new body` for Weir. After the whole song and dance number of it being Weir or not (I say no because it wasn`t her or the writers don`t know how to write her character) and the re-creation of the replicants and then that stupid ending with them floating in space may leave the remote possibility that Weir may appear another day, but I have pretty much given up on seeing her character again.
If she is gone forever -- then RIP Dr. Weir. You were a great character and one of the reasons I liked the show. Maybe she was dodging a bullet by not coming back and it was the best choice for her.... maybe she will get the last laugh out of this.
The way things are going, I am losing interest in Atlantis more and more each week and I can hardly wait until the fall TV season begins... then maybe we can get some decent sci fi. Friday nights used to be my favorite night of the week for sci fi and now it`s just crap...