Thursday, August 07, 2008

Shear Genius - Do Me & my Bitch

After last week's complete disaster, I am pretty sure that the not so merry band of Judges and Jaclyn of Shear Genius were pissed off at the contestants for missing the boat on the now infamous Charlie's Angels challenge. No fear, last night's challenge sent our contestants to the dogs (literally) and made for some fun and games, but it was still lacking some of the oomph that I want from this show, and am not sure if it's the combination of personalities or the kinds of challenges that have been thrown at the stylists.

Let's get to the Short Cut Challenge of last night. I loved the whole green vibe and using what is in your kitchen to make you beautiful .... but there were a couple of huge problems with the whole concept.

First problem - seriously -- is that Nexxus is the main sponsor of the show and if their product doesn't get used they will not be happy -- so the eco-friendly thing isn't going to work until companies like Nexxus make green products.

The other big problems was that if you have no experience in using products like Squid in hair -- then do you really know what the frack you are doing? As amusing as it was to see the panic in most of the stylist's eyes, it just wasn't logical as far as challenges go. I think it would have made more sense if we learned later on how the various things could be used.

I did appreciate Daniel's panic attacks and the whole squid fiasco, but had no idea why Paulo won and not that it made any difference in the long run.

Now the whole Dog and Owner Challenge -- talk about a disaster waiting to happen. I can see the rapport with getting an owner to reflect their pet, and could see a challenge that incorporated that, but doing the dog as well was too much. These are stylists and not accustomed to working with animals (although the majority of dogs were very cute and well behaved) and don't know the techniques.

I agreed with Charlie when he was asked if he liked the Challenge and he bluntly rasped at them "NO". At least he didn't get the boot and that finally Nekisa (hooray!) got cut. About fricking time is all I have to say -- I have been saying for weeks it was time for her to go and it finally happened.

I am upset though that the boys keep getting their asses handed to them by Dee and she is quickly turning my beloved stereotype of the gay hairdresser into an endangered species. Watch your asses boys -- there is a new stylist in town and she is kicking ass and taking names. Bet she is right pissed off that her infatuation with the faux lesbian is now finished with Nekisa out of the house. I have the feeling things are going to get even bitchier in that salon over the next few weeks and it should be a welcome change from watching the Olympics.

I am getting really psyched for Tabitha's Salon Takeover though as we keep seeing the ads and I can hardly wait to see the Queen B in action very soon.