Sunday, August 03, 2008

Reality Round Up - Olympian Speed

Last Comic Standing has been barreling along at breakneck speed for the past couple of weeks. Just when we got down to the funniest people, they have eliminated 3 this week and we will know the winner in next's week finale.

WTF? That means no more elimination games and challenges and the past few episodes they were burning off 2 at a time --which is not a good sign for any show if they are rushing to air your series. I wasn't sure if it was because of that Olympic Deadline ( 8-8-08 if you have missed it) and they want to clear up all their prime time for covering the games ... or was it because the show wasn't a ratings winner (and that's a shame, there are some very funny and talented comedians on the show) or a combination of both.

Anyways -- the point is moot and now that Sean Cullen (the already fairly successful Canadian boy) has been given the boot, my heart lies with the fantastic Iliza Shlesinger! The other finalists are: Marcus, Jim Tavare, Louis Ramey and Jeff Dye. I wasn't surprised that Adam got eliminated but was shocked to see that Ron G killed with the crowd but was finished as well. It was a weird elimination competition.

Marcus has a shot with his great combination of voice work and energy. Jeff has his funny moments, and I love Jim and his great Bass work and Louis played up the good old USA national pride element to his advantage -- but Iliza has won in several eliminations so far and is a real survivor and I think she will make it all the way.

I am not exactly sure why Fox seems to be frightened by the upcoming Olympics, but they too are rushing this round of So you think you can Dance? and I am not liking it. Another week of double eliminations ( I liked it better when the there were single eliminations in the Top Ten) and even though he danced one of the best numbers of the season, Mark was finally eliminated. Umm -- oh yeah -- Chelsie was eliminated too!

Mark & Courtney had danced a wild Jazz number choreographed by Sonya Tayeh (music "The Garden" by Mirah), and if you missed it then you missed a completely sick dance number. I love it when they pull out these great and twisted minds and let them loose, and this season we have seen some great new choreographers in the house. It's a shame we haven't seen Wade Robson this year (and a couple of others seem to be absent as well, right Mr. Shane Sparks?) and with the season wrapping up so quickly it means that we see less numbers with the dancers and miss opportunities to see creativity.

That sucks. One of the things I love about this show is that it has been going places that no other dance show has done and it's great to see real dance. Not just fluff and tricks.

I wasn't really surprised with seeing Chelsie leave. The majority of dancers that are too limited in one specific style don't usually last until the finale in the competition. She did a great job though and needs to be commended on going so far. Courtney is much more rounded over all dancer and that really shows when the dancers do their solos.

Joshua (now braces free), Twitch, Katee and Courtney will be dancing their hearts out next week for the finale as they try to finish it all up before as the Top 4 Dancers. My money is still on Katee to take it all (she has been incredible), but I am not counting out Joshua who has been just as remarkable and even more of a surprise. Here's hoping there are some great choreographers working with our final 4 -- my eyes will be glued to the screen. That's a good show.

Kathy Griffin redeemed herself slightly this week (these things take time) in this week's episode of My Life on the D List as she mocked herself in her struggle to get a Grammy Nomination. The entire photo shoot (and I loved the stuff outside on the bus bench) was hilarious and you can see the fun in self exploitation. We all know that Kathy is an expert in being a media whore and she puts her full talent to work (not to mention a great support team), I will not be surprised if she gets a Grammy nomination.
Kathy's mom is still the grounding force and hidden gem in each episode. Not only is mom getting in good with the gays (watch your ass Kathy --lose the gays and you lose lots of your fan base), but I love her chatting with Kathy and explaining that Kathy can't win a Grammy as Kathy is not musical. I think mom overlooked Kathy's recent piano performances which have been pretty good. I love that mom is becoming a celebrity of her own and got the magazine cover. Her interview and the interaction with our friend from was adorable.

Watching Team Griffin get in a tizzy with our hyper financial genius Suze Orman was hilarious -- but I am still wondering if Kathy is going to get into trouble with her continual Oprah/Gayle jokes -- I bet she has already been banned from Oprah for life. Pretty damn funny stuff though.