Thursday, August 07, 2008

Project Runway - Olympian Effort

It appears that no NBC related network is free from some sort of Olympic tie -in, so this week Project Runway's designers were given an interesting challenge - Design a look for the American female athletes at the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

It is an interesting challenge as far as making a National statement and the designers were lucky enough to get their news from Olympian Apolo Ohno at the Armory Track & Field Museum. This is the second week in a row that I see no rapport with fashion and the guest Judge and although I know Apolo is cute and popular (and I loved him in Dancing with the Stars), he isn't a fashion expert... the guy is a Speed Skater -- anyways -

After this week's pilgrimage to Mood Fabrics (complete with some drama between Keith and Terri) we get back to work and a few of the designers are completely out of their element. Yup, these are the kids that were never in gym class and don't watch things like the Olympics. I loved the little exchange between the designers as they were talking about their athletic ability or experience.

The baked one (Blayne) thinks that he could win a medal for Tanning as if it is an activity or something important. This is the same guy that was jonesin' for a fix of electric beach earlier and is worried that he is getting pale and losing his shine.

God help me -- these designers are killing me this year and I actually laughed at the baked one. I am not condoning his behaviour but he is so sad and so funny that I can't help myself, it is clear that all that baking has baked his noodle and it's just so damn tragic and funny all rolled into one.

But I digress -- getting back to the episode -- the majority of the designs were terrible, and the only ones that stood out for me were: Joe, Terri, Korto and Leanne. I was leaning towards Joe's look but agreed with the Judges that Terri's look was more versatile and very elegant. In the end it was Korto that won and she kind of snuck in under the radar for me. I liked it but found it very similar to what she had done the week before with the Bell bottom pant suit look.

Stella's idea was interesting and I still find her to be one of the most honest designers and look forward to seeing what she bangs out each week. Most of the mediocre designers floated through and thankfully we had a minimal amount of Suede this week (there are the occasional small miracles in life it appears) and at the end it was between Daniel and Jennifer to be aufed. Jennifer got the boot (her design was so yawn) and now we are down to 12. At this rate the show should be over by Christmas, can't we get back to double elimination weeks again? There are still too many designers and not enough talent this season.