Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway - Most Fabulous Challenge Ever!

Things could not have gotten more fabulous or dramatic than the Drag Queen Challenge on Project Runway. Not only did we get to see some très fabuleux girls doing their thing, but finally got to see Keith getting called out on his continual re-hashing of the same thing over and over. It`s about time ..... seriously. Looks can only take you so far in this competition and if you can't walk the walk (or drape the fabric) then it's good bye Charlie.

Once of the fun things about the episode was the return of Chris (it seems like quite a few of the fan favorites are returning this year) and while I was a tad disappointed that Chris didn't wear his Wonder Woman outfit, his ode to Heidi was too funny. His huge Germanic Opera drag queen outfit was hysterical (gotta love those mirror ball boobs) and he carried it off well with his signature laugh. Too bad he wasn't there for the judging, but more on that later.

As for the baked one (Blayne) -- I have to say that I am there with the rest of them that if one more fricking things is `liscious` it will be the final words out of his mouth. Can anyone tell me why the idiot is still there? You would think that with all those sharp pointy objects around that some designer would gut him like a fish for being such a twit but the rules probably frown at such behavior. Too bad.....

The over all competition was pretty good -- some of the designers had to go a bit out of their comfort zone as they are not used to tailoring for such big girls, and as usual I am amazed by Stella. I can`t believe that she was passed over once again and didn't get much attention for all of the interesting work that she puts in. She certainly knows what a Drag Queen is (and I was in hysterics with those who had no idea what to do with all these big boned girls) and knew how to add her twist the lovely ensemble that she created for Luisa Verde. I was so hoping that Stella was going to get radical Acid Betty as a model (that would have been heaven) but Terri got Betty and did an interesting if somewhat busy ensemble.

Most of the designers seemed to get into the right head space for the challenge and go for it. Some of the designers had models that were more challenging ( I was in hysterics with Suede and Hedda Lettuce and their little bitchfest - Drag Queens always have the best names and the huge attitude to go with it) but overall the designers were pretty much into the challenge and understood that they had to go over the top and make the ensemble reflect the personality of the Drag Queen. It's not as easy as it looks to make the right proportions for our guests and it was a trip to see everyone rework a male mannequin to fit their model.

As for the judging (with fabulous guest RuPaul).. I don't think that I have seen the Judges having so much fun in a challenge (and I have the feeling that this will be repeated in the future) and Michael and Nina were in fine form. I was a tad miffed that Chris wasn't there for the Judging, but at least he got to do the walk around with Tim and critiqued the work before the Runway show.I loved how we got to see our gang of Drag Queens as boys and in make up (some of those guys are really cute) and I don't think any of them had ever had the chance to get their makeup and wigs done by the pros like that before -- it was a trip.

Michael Kors out did himself with his sad chicken comment and I don't think I have ever seen Nina smile as much during judgement. As usual, some of the designers hit it and others failed terribly. When all was said and done Blayne, Kenley, Suede, Stella and Leanne were passed through right away (and I say it again, Stella doesn't get enough attention) and that left Korto,Terri, Jerell, Joe, Keith and Daniel as the highest and lowest scores. Joe gets the win and managed to catch that Ann Margaret on the Love Boat vibe that Varla was looking for and his outfit fit our gal real fine.I loved the anchor accessories! The final two came down to Keith and Daniel, and Daniel was aufed after making another cocktail dress that was boring. Daniel keeps talking about his refined taste and I just think he has a serious stick up his ass and am glad that he is gone.

At least this episode has redeemed this season (slightly) and if someone can push the baked one off the building it will be even better.