Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend Rant - End Zone & New Beginnings

Shear Genius pulled out of the penultimate episode with a Seeing Double Short-cut Challenge (involving twins and a guaranteed place in the finale) and then the Avant-garde photo Challenge with guest Judge Michael Grecco.

The Short-cut Challenge (with guest Judge Jose Eber) was set up as a sudden double booking and our stylists got the twin of their client. I thought that Dee was going to explode (or need a towel) when she saw she had hot twins ... maybe this is some long time fantasy like many a straight man? Nicole did a dark and light version of her twins (I think they were the only ones willing to make that drastic of a change) and ended up winning the Challenge and getting a spot in the Finale.

I am not sure if I really agree with all the Judging (and Nicole has never won a single challenge to date) and I don't agree that she should be in the Finale. Maybe they had to make sure that the Finale wasn't completely gay ... just to be politically correct or some other crap -- it's not like there are tons of gay stylists -- anyways --

We get around to the big Avant-garde photo shoot and our Final Four are each given a season as a theme. Nicole gets Winter ,Dee gets Fall , Charlie gets Summer and Daniel gets Spring. They are all shown the set and get to meet with Michael Grecco (who seems to be quite the demanding photographer) and get a rough idea of how the shoot is supposed to go. Each of the stylists has a different challenge, Nicole has to work with her model laying in snow,Dee's client is jumping on a trampoline, Charlie's model is on a swing, and Daniel's model will be "lightly misted" during the shoot.

After all the prep and initial work it is clear that Dee and Nicole are way out of their element as they are struggling with the hair and how the shoot is going. Dee gets called on doing the same cut (again) that doesn't move well with the motion of the photo and if Nicole didn't have that Immunity and guaranteed place in the Finale she would have been out on her ass. Her shoot is a disaster is the snow and her styling is terrible.

Charlie seems to have not hit things off well with Grecco to start with, but quickly adjusts things and gets a nice photo off. I really think he is the only one in the gang that had even a clue about what the Challenge was and did a good job. He wins ( of course) and is very happy.

Poor Daniel has to deal with more than a simple misting -- his client is hosed down like she is on fire (Daniel doesn't miss a beat and is hilarious about the whole thing) but he has really missed the boat on the whole Avant-garde theme. Daniel likes to do big old Dallas hair and for some fracking reason has decided to put a big red braid in the model's hair that irks the shit out of Grecco and seals Daniel's fate. Our Texas boy is eliminated and next week is the beauty bloodbath between Charlie (sure to win) against Dee (nice try) and Nicole (no hope in hell).

Tabatha's Salon Takeover hit the airwaves this week with the first episode and I already completely hooked. I loved Tabatha in the first season of Shear Genius and she is so cold and robotic most of the time that it is really, really scary. You would almost think that the machines are starting to become self aware in a Sky Net kind of a way. Anyways -- Tabatha knows her stuff and when she arrives, people inevitably looked scared shitless and in panic mode. If you are not doing your job or don't know your stuff she will let you know. The Queen B has no issues with rank or responsibility as she takes over the salon and is clearly in command of those around her. I did like how they tried to show her softer side (not that soft but if you get a compliment from her you really appreciate it) and when she tells you to stop crying and put to put that energy in to something productive, I get visions of Martha Stewart on steroids. Tears are for the weak but at least she is not bad abrasive in that Gordon Ramsay kind of way and she can get her point across with out being too mean... just blunt enough to make your head spin.

Her first challenge was with a couple that really need some guidance and she did some pretty amazing work. It was nice to see follow up at the end of the episode (quite often you see the make over but not the lasting result) and to see how the changes worked out for the client several weeks later and if things have turned around for the better. I think if Tabatha has anything to do with, things will be successful, she doesn't look like the type to waste her time or energy.

Reality Bites Back hit another win with Hunting with the Stars this week. Why you may ask? "Because America always loves it when you pair someone you know from something with someone you don’t know at all." says hilarious host Michael Ian Black. Each of the remaining comics are paired up with what appears to be an E List “celebrity” partner and we get a look at them as they have time to practice their hunting skills. Theo gets paired up with the infamous Kato Kaelin, Amy is with former teen idol Leif Garrett, Chris gets Chyna the wrestler , and Mo is with none other than Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady). After the first competition (based on their intro clip -- The Preceding Edited Package Challenge -- this show is just too brilliant) Mo and Susan are safe. After the Capture the Swag Challenge, Amy and Leif are safe as they have collected the most Swag Bags with out being shot by the other teams. In the final round our remaining contestants(Theo and Chris) get to Hunt the Stars, and who ever does it in the fastest time stays in the game. I am not sure who said it but the "Look, Chyna just got shot in the balls" comment had me in hysterics. The level of parody these comedians are doing is brilliant at times.

Theo wins and poor Chris is sent home. The montage of Chris failing miserably was brilliant and I can't believe that next week is the parody of the Amazing Race -- The Amazing Disgrace !

My glut of the Olympics is almost over ( I am looking forward to the end after 2 weeks of intense viewing) and I can hardly wait to see the closing ceremonies. This was an amazing experience seeing so much of the games in HD and I can honestly say that I am humbled by the power and determination of the athletes. It's all very awe inspiring stuff and a nice change in the viewing schedule. I am looking forward to a more regular viewing schedule, and the return of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency this week. No other show screams Guilty Pleasures more than this one with all the hot gay and straight guys, the beautiful and kinda screwed up models and all those crazy and dramatic situations that Janice seems to put herself into. It looks like things are getting geared up for the upcoming fall season and I can hardly wait.