Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shear Genius - The Final Cut

It was Finale night last night on Shear Genius ... and I am unhappy to say that our lazy eyed lesbian Dee won the big prize. I was really pulling for Charlie ( I honestly think that he is the biggest talent there) and was disappointed that the Judges were overlooking his styling talent compared to Dee, who seemed to have a small advantage with guest Judge Sally Hershberger (same lesbian sensibilities maybe?)

All the whining aside, it was a great challenge (taking a woman through 4 stages/ages of life and having to do the 4 models in 3 hours was a daunting task) and it made the stylists push themselves as hard and fast as they could go. I still think that Charlie looked the most polished and finished at the end but I am not one of the Judges. It was nice to see that our southern girl Daniel, won fan favorite (such a chatter bug that one and I missed seeing him in the Finale) and I will honestly say that I will miss Rene and his `Hi Hi` greeting each round.

Next week we are getting around to the premiere of the second season of Top Design that looks great (the first season was fun, here`s hoping this one goes well) and the cast looks interesting. More fun stuff is around the corner as slowly but surely the new show are coming on to the schedule.

Congrats to Dee ... you beat Charlie and that was no easy task...