Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Week 4

As hot as the competition was this week, it was really no surprise that Rocco was sent back to the kitchen. The guy can't dance and I have to say his puffy sleeves didn't help out that much. It was a little strange how he really, really wanted Bruno to show him how to move his hips at the end of the episode and I am wondering if that says more about Rocco than I might have previously known.

As for our guest stars on the Elimination show last night...Los Vivancos is a very hot Flamenco group but I kept thinking that it was either a very gay version of River dance or a very gay version of Tap Dogs. It seemed to be a nice balance between the 2 of them and yup, the boys are pretty hot. I don't quite believe that they are brothers (unless Mom was with a lot of different men) but if that is their shtick I am willing to play along.

I absolutely loved the faux political commercials that they put together, as usual Cloris Leachman is stealing the show and having a ton of fun doing it at the same time.

Before getting to the actual competition, just a side note on the Ballroom Kids and the Band. I do love the kids, and I am really impressed with the winners of last night who managed to do a great dance with amazing energy that didn't go into that creepy too sexy for their age zone. Kudos to the Judges who manage to always say that the kids are great and to give them some great encouragement. The Band has been doing a pretty good job this year with covering most of the songs but I wait with anticipation each episode for my view of them to see what kind of forehead furniture that one singer is wearing. It gets a little out of control sometimes (is she a Princess?) but it is always interesting...

Susan & Tony did a great Tango and Susan finally channeled her ­­­acting abilities to pull of a great number. She still looks like a stick with boobs but is doing better. Someone needs to talk to some of these women about the breast implants.

Lance & Lacey kicked some serious butt and got into the top ranks with their great Tango. While I wasn't completely digging the Band's version of Rihanna's hit Disturbia, but our dancers did a great job and it was very impressive. I was happy that they got the encore performance and did even better the second time around. Watch these 2 I am pretty sure they will be going to the finale. I am wondering though, is there some competition between the 2 of them to see who can wear the most eyeliner?

Brooke & Derek did the hottest Samba that we have seen in quite awhile and you have to say that Brooke is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I can not get over the sheer hotness of the number and there is a reason they are number one, even if Brooke looks a bit like a cougar with your young prey. None the less, it's still great stuff and I can hardly wait to see them next week.

Cody & Julianne had to get a bit more serious with their Tango and they did okay. Cody is still too green for my taste, but at least he didn't look like Ellen this week. I am still not convinced that the young will win this competition.

Toni & Alec did a pretty nice Samba, but I kept getting the impression that Toni was a bit like Bambi caught in the headlights of a giant SUV and she wasn't always sure of where to go. They look great together (probably the sexiest couple) and more work will make them better.

Warren & Kym played it a bit too safe with their Samba and got a lower score as a result. The big guy knows how to move and I enjoy them more when Warren is letting go and dancing his heart out. The big guy is always surprising and you can see how much he loves dancing with Kym.

Maurice & Cheryl did a pretty mediocre job with their Samba and I was actually surprised that they weren't in the bottom 2. Cheryl is really starting to get on my nerves and I am hoping that they will leave soon (sorry Maurice).

Cloris & Corky should not have been in the bottom 2 after their great Tango. Cloris is really doing much better than expected and she is such a breath of fresh air on this show. There has not been one week that she has not made me crack up and she is always a surprise.

Rocco & Karina were warned last week that if Misty hadn't dropped out due to injury that they would have been eliminated and the writing was pretty much on the wall. Back to the kitchen for you Rocco.

Next week they will be introducing 4 new dance styles, here's hoping that Len won't be too cranky about the whole thing.