Monday, October 06, 2008

The Week in Review - Bringing Sexy Back

Last week was a busy one but there was still plenty of time to catch up on some shows and I was more than pleased with the fare from the last episode of Supernatural. In fact, it was my favorite TV show of the week as I loved the story and surprises.

I did not expect that it was Dean and Sam's mom (and her family) that were the Hunters ... I always assumed (like most of the fans) that it was always their father. I was slightly thrown off at the beginning of the story and seeing the younger version of Dad who wasn't really up to speed on the whole Hunter vibe, but as soon as Mom (Mary) went all Buffy on Dean I knew that I was in for a pleasant surprise. The similarities between the 2 characters was really interesting,and not only can I see where Dean got his sexy vibe from (Mom was pretty damn hot) but we got a better understanding of the Yellow Eyed Demon and his plan ( as well as the way he made all his deals) involving psychic children but not much more about his scheme. I loved seeing his grandparents and how they were such bad ass Hunters especially Grandpa. It's always nice to see more history but it was kind of heartbreaking to see Mom willing to sacrifice herself 10 years later to bring Dad back to life, but with the time travel and now that the Yellow Eyed Demon knows about the future it may change things.

While I am not sure exactly why Dean needed this walk down memory lane (except maybe to influence his Dad in to buying that car) but as our Angel friend Castiel says that is all that they know and at least Dean is up to speed on what is going on, but I am sure that there is more to the story than we know and it all involves Sam, his psychic abilities and his strange activities.

Smallville had a Green Arrow centered story that danced over and around his origin story with out too much detail other than he was on the Island for a couple of years, learned archery and decided to do better with his life after playing the spoiled playboy. It also appears that he became an expert hair stylist and body waxer with all that flesh that was showing in this episode. Poor Oliver (Justin) was shirtless and sweating for most of the episode but I am willing to tolerate this as sacrifices have to be made in the name of art. (hot bod-- OMG)

I don't know why they had to have Tesswhatchmacallit included in the flashback/origin sequence except to make some background for her character (not really loving it but will have to make do with Lex gone) and potential love triangle with Ollie/Dinah/Lois. Ollie is always portrayed as the Casanova and they don't make any exceptions in the series. It's just too bad that they didn't let him go a bit more wild with his look on the Island and have long hair and a beard. Seriously... the guy is so waxed and tanned that he looks to be in Dancing with the Stars territory but in pinch it will do.

Clark and Lois are starting to get some chemistry (about time), and you have to say that Lois really knows how to dress a guy, Clark hasn't looked this good in all the previous seasons and I like how they keep to his primary colour palette. The long term developments with Chloe and Brainiac in her head (not to mention the change in abilities) will probably be some of the impetus of this season. Our new Paramedic friend is interesting but I am still not sold on the whole love triangle with Chloe, Jimmy (curiously absent again) and new dude. Let's get back to some more adventure and super heroics instead of the drama and angst.

Chuck came back for the season opener and this time it was Chuck vs the First Date. I love all the "versus"titles and while the first episode didn't thrill me to death (it felt like a transitional episode) it still had all of the nerdy goodness that I expect in this show. There was only a bit of screen time with Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) but any screen time is better than no screen time and once again the poor guy spends most of his air time either naked or shirtless. Awesome is almost too good to be true and Chuck's sister is one damn lucky girl...

Following up from the cliff hanger of last season, the new Intersect is almost ready to go making our reluctant hero redundant. Chuck asks Sarah out on a date since they will no longer be working together. Things have changed since last time, and Sarah's cover is now at Orange Orange selling yogurt, instead of being a wiener girl like last season. The intro sequence was too much, with all the flowing hair and sexy presentation. Her interest seems to be actually interested in dating Chuck and not playing handler and it's nice to see as you know they actually do have some chemistry. Casey was even more hilarious with his mission to take Chuck out when the new Intersect becomes active (and his target practice sequence was too much) and I was in hysterics with his inability to actually pull the trigger on Chuck. Casey is a big softie but he will never admit that, and Adam Baldwin is my favorite (and only) Republican. The guy plays the perfect tough G Man who secretly has a heart of gold and I am hoping for the big guy to get in some romancing in this season and that we get to see another side of him.

Of course the new Intersect turned out to be a Trojan horse and ended up taking out some property and agents, and Chuck is still tied to the agency and the BuyMore, so in a sense things didn't really change but became more complicated.The gang at work is still as wacky as ever and the whole decision making process for the Assistant Manager position was hilarious. It almost makes me want to work there.