Thursday, October 30, 2008

So you think you can dance Canada - Top 14

The competition continued last night with more great numbers by our dancers and choreographers, and the Americans were invading the studio last night with guest Judge Mary Murphy, her boy toy Dmitri and our friend Benji Schwimmer from the US version were all in the house helping with the competition. Too bad Mary missed last week when more of the boys were shirtless... it would have been insane.

I love Mary and always happy to see her. She seemed slightly more muted than her appearances during the auditions, and it was nice to see her giving up a bit of space for the local Judges. It`s great to see Rex Harrington joining the Judges, and he balanced things out nicely last night.

The competition was great for the most part, out of all the teams that danced last night I think that it will be Caroline & Jesse leaving tonight after their lackluster Hustle. I am not sure if part of the problem was the choreography (sorry Benji), but I didn`t like their number and the Judges were not fans either. The other number that I found weak was Miles & Lara and their West Coast Swing. I didn`t like the transitions between the acrobatics and expect to see them in the bottom 3 tonight. I don`t think that they will be going home, just that they didn`t do the best number. Is it just me or was Benji off a bit last night with his choreography?

Vincent & Lisa did a great Samba that had a few slips at the end, but their energy and chemistry made up for any errors. They got a ton of votes from home, I really like them and hope to see them until the end.
Arassay & Nico did the best number of the night with their Hip-Hop choreography by Luther Brown. They have such amazing chemistry and presence (not to mention technique) and can handle pretty much anything that is thrown at them. They are definitely the couple to watch and to beat in the competition. As usual they got a ton of votes from home.

Allie & Danny got to perform Paul Becker's emotional Contemporary routine, and I was really impressed with their lines and ability to emote. I am still convinced that Paul is a vampire (seriously-- check those teeth out), but he put together a great number that pulled from his own life. I had goose bumps watching them.

Natalli & Francis got to do Sean Cheesman's theatre number from Chicago, and they were fantastic. Natalli is so intense and Francis is hotter than ever. I really liked their interpretation and Sean did a great job with them. They may have been in the bottom 3 last week but I hope not this week, I voted for them until my fingers bled. (Well maybe not that much but lots.)

The biggest surprise of the evening was Izaak & Kaitlyn doing an aggressive jazz-funk number choreographed Blake McGrath. I have not been Izaak`s biggest fan, but last night both of them impressed the hell out of me and they closed the show off with a bang. I usually don`t vote for more than 2 couples, but they were so fantastic that I sent a ton of votes their way. I was happy to see Izaak get out of his shell.

Here`s hoping people voted for the best dancers -- I am really hoping that there are no nasty surprises tonight.