Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So you think you can dance Canada - Top 16

I still can not get over the level of dance in this competition, the dancers are quite incredible and there was even some drastic improvement with a couple of the guys that seemed out of their element last week.

Miles & Lara opened the evening with a Krump number by Lil`C that was pretty hot, and I had no idea that Miles was hiding those killer abs -- good lord -- they almost got my vote. It`s nice to see names that we know from the American version showing up across the border. Lara is so cute and she keeps crafting signs and banners to get the public to vote for them. I think with Mile`s abs they won`t have that problem this week.

Kaitlyn & Izaak did a Cha Cha Cha that was choreographed by none other than SYTYCD season 2 winner Benji Schwimmer, and Benji actually got Izaak out of his shell and he gave a much better performance this week. I think that Tré said it best when she said that if Izaak needs to think that he is dancing with Benji to do a good performance then to do what ever it takes.

Vincent & Lisa did an amazing African-Jazz performance choreographed by Sean Cheesman and it was beautiful. They dance so beautifully together and I can`t believe that they were in the bottom 3 last week. They really brought the dance to life and all the judges were in awe.

Francis & Natalli did the sexiest Rumba choreographed by Gustavo Vargas. It was a hot number and they have incredible chemistry together. I have to limit myself to how many favorites I have on this show or I will end up voting for everyone and not getting anywhere. I think the Judges are going to have a damn hard time again this week.

Allie & Danny did a Quickstep that blew the roof off . Pierre Allaire did an amazing job with this number and for a dance that is usually the kiss of death, they killed it.

Joey & Tamina stepped it up with a Luther Brown's Hip-Hop number and I was pleasantly surprised with Joey. He tried to butch it up and go all gangsta and actually got a bit of a thug vibe going. I was surprised. I am not sure if it will save him from being put up for elimination but he did improve.
Nico & Arassay were lucky again this week and this time it was a Contemporary number by Blake McGrath. The chemistry between these 2 is amazing and it was a very powerful number. They were definitely in the top performers again. Once again the Judges were astounded by the passion and technique.

Jesse & Caroline finished things off with a Rock-jazz number choreographed by Melissa Williams. It was the weakest performance (for me) and I think that these 2 are probably the ones leaving tonight.

It was a bit strange having a couple of new Judges last night, Paul Becker and Kenny Ortega, but it was a great chance for a couple of the Judges to choreograph some numbers. I am completely convince that Paul is a vampire -- did you see those teeth? I think I have been watching a bit too much True Blood .. but damn those fangs are something. Kenny was a great guest judge and it was interesting to hear about him being mentored by the great Gene Kelly.

Most of the dancing just blew my mind last night, and I have to confess that I voted for Vincent & Lisa so many times that I lost count and then voted for Nico & Arassay a ton more. If CTV says the voting is free and unlimited I wanted to try to make sure that my favorites are around for next week. Here`s hoping that it is truly the weakest that leave this week instead of someone that is great but who didn`t get any votes. Vote !!!!