Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reality Round Up - Crossing the Finish Line

Project Runway has been limping it's way to the finish line this season, and after last week's elimination of Jerrel (and my increasing dislike for Kenley), I am not left with many options for a winner that I actually want to win this season. Sure, I have loved some of the stuff done by Korto, but she has been missing the boat the last couple of weeks and has lost some of my interest. Leanne has been okay and probably has the best chance to win out of the girls just as long as she knows how to edit things down and doesn't get too carried away with all the detailing.I think that this is the first time they have had 3 female designers at the end round and while the variety is interesting, I have not enjoyed that much of this current and probably last season. This is Project Runway and I expect to see no less that one fierce gay guy there at the end.
The point is moot though as it will all be ending this week and after such a tepid season I have the feeling this show will be going the way of the dinosaur unless they get some fresh energy back.

There was just something missing all this season and while I still can't put my finger on exactly what it was, I just know that this season felt off in so many ways.

Top Design has been slightly better this time around and while the competition seems kind of tilted towards a couple of the guys, I was still a little pissed that Nathan didn't get the credit for his design ideas after that wacky Eco-Office switcheroo. I was not sad to see Wizit hit the road, his aesthetic was too bland for this boy and he really didn't take the challenge to heart. The best part of his appearance was his opera singing on the way out but I shed no tears over his departure. Eddie better watch his ass because Nathan is on his way to win the competition. Hopefully Mrs. Shroeder will be leaving soon as she is probably the least talented left in the gang and is continually riding on the coat tails of the other designers.

Paris Hilton's My BFF is turning into the best Guilty Pleasure that I have seen in ages.. and it is due more to those wacky antics of boy-girl Onch than anything else. Onch has got to be the winner because most of those contestants have no personality and as much as I hate Paris, I really think that our dear Onch could fit into her gang and for the love of whatever, I can not stop watching this show. The other girls (and that one terribly bland boy) that are trying to cosy up to Paris are really willing to do almost anything to please their girl (that thought there should be scary enough), but Paris wants them to have blind faith and so far has confronted them with a make over (done by some gay friends and just for Paris, it's her way of seeing how much of a friend you really are and if you trust her) and made the gang go out to party all night to see their endurance level. It has all been too fricking funny so far and you have to wonder what is next, I just know that I almost lost it when Shelly announced that she was *gasp* -- a virgin. Is Paris really the right role model for a girl like this? tsk tsk to be followed for sure.