Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Rant - The Week in Review

It's still damn busy with the viewing schedule (for all my complaining last year dealing with the strike I really can't complain this year about having nothing to watch) and slowly but surely I have been catching up with my favorite shows. We just went through Election season here in Canada and that helped make it an even busier than usual week.

The bad news is that there hasn't been that many new shows added to the Watch List. So far Fringe and Knight Rider have fallen to the wayside (honestly, it was another case of tried it and didn't like it) and there are still a couple of shows that feel on the bubble (Sanctuary is borderline at this point and I can hardly wait until Stargate Atlantis ends and I am even running behind on the episodes right now, I will catch up when we hit some repeats later this fall). I was glad that this season of Project Runway finally wrapped things up (congrats to Leanne -- at least Kenley didn't win) but even the 2 part finale sucked. I still can't believe that JLo dropped out at the last minute as guest Judge of the Finale due to a foot injury ( I heard that she ran a marathon after the episode) and it was probably another case of rats deserting a sinking ship. The rumor mill is non stop about the legal problems with the show moving to the Lifetime Network and who knows when or if we will see another season. Time will tell, things don't seem to be advancing that quickly on this side of the border either and no launch date mentioned for the Canadian version either.

The good news is that I am completely addicted to a couple of new series such as True Blood and I am ecstatic that it has already been picked up for another season. This is a vampire series that I can sink my teeth into, and Jason Stackhouse played by Ryab Kwanten is the sexiest redneck living in the Bayou that I have ever seen. Seriously. Not only is this is the best vampire series on TV since Angel and Buffy, it is definitively the most adult. I know you Moonlight fans are still lamenting the demise of the series, but I really suggest checking this series out if you like a dark and sexy show. If anything, I find some interesting similarities between the Vampire Universe that Sookie and her friends live in and that of the the Vampire Universe created by Anne Rice.Louisiana seems to be a very hospitable environment for these beasts and there is something sensual and sexy about things being hot and steamy all the time. It certainly brings out the sexual vibe from the characters and linking sex and blood seems to be a natural fit with the nature of things. It certainly hits a nerve as well as the similitude's between being a minority (vampire) is on the same level as being gay in today's society, and having to deal with being out but not accepted by the mainstream population. It's an interesting reflection on society.

and damn sexy watching.

On a polar opposite and bordering the realm of the ridiculous is the addictive Paris Hilton's My New BFF. I can not stop myself from watching this train wreck of a "reality" show and it was hysterical so see boy-girl Onch have a complete meltdown during the "Always look Hot Challenge" as the contestants had to look good while being on roller coasters. I have never been in such a state of complete awe and shock after seeing someone have a meltdown like that and being so over the top. Onch is such an over the top drama Queen that I was just laughing my ass off as s(he) was sticking his head in sideways to puke into the garbage can while carefully holding his cigarette off to the side. Later we had the big on knees and begging to be released from this challenge moment that was so pathetic that it was priceless. In other circumstances I would tell Onch to grow a pair.. but I think he already wants to hide the ones he has so no pressure there.

All drama aside, I love the girly-boy and think he would make a fabulous addition to Paris' Posse. Everyone needs a fabulous bitchy-girly boy as a pet and it would certainly keep some of her fans occupied. Besides, the girls are pretty fake for the most part, but I imagine that Paris wants someone as scripted and fake as her for company with no real personality that could be a challenge or take any attention away from her so it may go to the fakest of them all. God help the virgin if it's her.

It's all very entertaining and a highlight of the week.

My other favorite moments of the week were the return of Samantha Who?, still as funny as ever with our amnesiac good/bad girl. Jean Smart is so fricking hilarious as Sam's mother that she is a huge scene stealer and I love the chemistry between all of them.

Pushing Daisies is the greatest and most wonderful adult fairy tale that I have ever seen. This past episode with the Nuns and the truffles was too hilarious. Pigby is a great addition to the crew and I can hardly wait to see what happens this week with Olive going back home. It's nice to see some closure but the bomb that will be dropped on Chuck will be huge... just wait until she finds out that Lily is her mother! I can't believe the MADtv alumni that guest starred as the Truffle expert Sister Larue (Mo Collins, one of my long time faves) and the very funny Father at the Nunnery (Michael Hitchcock who had played Simeon on The Lillian Verner Game Show). Both of them were hilarious and it's a shame that we don't see more of them on TV.

Smallville has been keeping me very happy with all the gratuitous Green Arrow shirtless scenes, some decent stories and a ton of Lois and Clark. Erica is starting to become my favorite Lois out of all the series and I wonder if they can get her to do the jump to the big screen, she really has the character down and does a great interpretation. I am still unhappy that Chloe has ditched the reporter angle (too close to Lois I think) and it's getting interesting with her going into Oracle mode and helping to coordinate things (channeling the former Batgirl from Birds of Prey), but her intelligence is going to hit the fan when they do the return of Brainiac. The viewing is better and I hope that they continue in the adventure vein that they have started.

Supernatural has been great this season and this week's black and white adventure was fantastic as a "gimmick" episode. I loved all the old style credits and themes, and it was too funny with Dracula, the Wolf Man and then the Mummy. I called the mummy before it happened, and was hoping for either a Frankenstein or Creature from the Black Lagoon but they were only mentioned. I love how they did their own homage to the old classic monster thrillers. The boys were as hot as usual (black and white can be very flattering) and I loved Dean's idea that he was now a virgin again due to his rebirth. Oh those naughty boys. Still it was a great, light episode and felt like old times, just like it was supposed to.

The last and best thing of the whole week was the continuing competition on So you think you can dance Canada. The level of competition is incredible and most of the couples are dancing way harder than I have seen in the American version. Nico & Arassay are the most amazing couple so far and their Dark Angel dance was phenomenal.

I didn't agree with who was voted into the bottom group, I could see why the judges chose Dario and Romina to leave. I didn't understand why either Joey nor Izaak were in the bottom group as they clearly didn't seem comfortable dancing with their partners. Maybe the boys should dance together instead... it seems more up their alley.

I think the most frustrating thing is the Results Show, CTV has only given them 30 minutes and so all you hear is " we don't have much time so I'll get right to it" as the dancers are let go. It might be nice to have a tad more time to do their walk of shame before exiting the stage.