Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lost - Season Finale -- What a ride !

Lost finished up this tremendous season with a completely kick ass multiple episode finale -- so astounding that it has taken me a couple of days to absorb all of what happened and to be able to make some sense of all of it.

It was that good... and for you negative nellies that feel the story line is not going anywhere -- well you just missed the BEST EPISODE ever. I suggest you find it and watch as soon as possible.

Where to start? Flashing back to our "flash forward" ending from last season, we see the follow up to Jake and Kate's argument at the airport in the future, and see Kate leave again, only to stop her car and we finally get to get past this one moment and see more of what is going on. Our Oceanic six are all in bad places, and tired of living the various lies that they have propagated since their miraculous return. We finally learn the reasoning behind this elaborate hoax -- and it's a thrilling ride with tons of bumps and sharp corners (and giant mystery wheels) that was one of the best couple of hours of TV that I have ever seen.

Things are getting dangerous on the Island -- our various factions are scattered between the beach, the Orchid and the freighter. Locke, Ben and Hurley are off to the Orchid as per Jacob's instructions to move the Island. Our gang of mercenaries from the Freighter are waiting for Ben and need to bring him back alive to Widmore. The gang on the Freighter have discovered the huge bomb on board and know it is under the control of the mercenaries, and it can blow at any moment.

Ben surrenders himself to the mercenaries, and Locke and Hurley try to find the entrance to the Orchid. There is a great fight scene between Sayid and the nasty mercenary Keamy, where the ever mysterious Richard saves the day and pumps a few bullets into Keamy. For their help, Ben gives Sayid and Kate the helicopter as a way to leave the Island.

With Ben free, he makes it back to Locke and gang who have been joined by Jack and Sawyer. After Ben tells Jack of their plan to move the Island (received with much scepticism - Jack doesn't have the belief that the others do), and the guys leave Ben and Locke to get to their project. They go to a much lower level via an interesting elevator system and Ben gives Locke another Dharma Initiative Orientation Video to watch, this one explaining the Orchid, and it's unique properties and the experiments involving time travelling bunnies. There is this hilarious scene with our Dr. Hanso explaining the danger of metal objects coming in contact with the Vault in the video and Ben grabbing anything and everything metal in the room and piling it into the Vault at the same time. Keamy suddenly appears ( combination of body armor and the Island's unique properties it seems... ) and lets them know that he has a Dead Man's switch attached to his body. If his heart stops, a huge amount of TNT will blow up the Freighter and kill everyone on board.

Ben ignores all this, and attacks Keamy, viciously stabbing him in the throat and Locke is stunned and tries to save Keamy's life as to prevent the bomb from going off. Ben makes it clearly know that he doesn't care what happens to the others as long as he got his revenge. On the Freighter, they are trying to disarm the bomb, and are only able to freeze it from detonating, and are quickly running out of coolant. It's all going to hit the fan, and soon. Keamy dies and the bomb gets ready to blow up. Michael is using the last of the coolant to delay the explosion and tells the others to leave.

Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sawyer and Lapidus are all on the helicopter and heading back to the Freighter, they have taken a few hits and are leaking fuel, so in an effort to make it back to safety they lighten their load and Sawyer jumps off to give the others a chance. He ends up swimming back to the Island and meeting up with Juliette on the beach.

The helicopter barely makes it to the Freighter, only to learn that they have to leave immediately before the bomb explodes. They quickly patch (thank god for duct tape) the hole and start pumping fuel. It's insane as Sun, Kate,Desmond, Jack, Hurley, Aaron,Sayid and Lapidus leave on the helicopter as Jin arrives too late. Christian appears before Michael and tells him that the Island is finished with him... and the bomb explodes. The Freighter is gone in no time and the helicopter is heading towards the Island. Sun is in hysterics.Someone give that woman an Emmy please, she is one of the most astounding actresses on TV.

Daniel was ferrying survivors from the Island to the Freighter, and was just on his way back to the Freighter with another group of what seemed to be all 'unknown' survivors (all wearing red life jackets which sounds a little Star Trek to me...).. Charlotte and Miles want to stay on the Island and all of our players are in their positions.

It's time for Ben to play the big card ... and move the Island.

After blowing up the Vault, there is a tunnel and cave on the other side. In this strange icy world ( what????), there are some strange hieroglyphics and a huge wheel-sprocket thing in the wall. Seriously -- and it looked like it had been there for a very long time.... there was some difficulties and Ben was quietly cursing Jacob for making him do this. In a herculean effort, he turns the wheel.... and it all glows white again... and the Island is gone. Poof - vanished -- leaving only ripples in it's wake.

Our Oceanic Six have no choice and hit the water in the helicopter. After breaking out a life raft they are rescued by none other than Desmond's beloved Penny (Widmore's daughter). Our Six know that they have to lie to protect the other survivors who are on the Island (where abouts unknown), and know that they are in probable danger because none of them were to have survived. They concoct a story that includes Boone, Libby and Charlie as other survivors... and Aaron is suddenly Kate's baby. There is a striking flash forward scene where Jack learns that Claire is his half sister (and Aaron his nephew) and another where Kate has a dream in which Claire tells her not to bring Aaron back to the Island).

The biggest shocker at the end being that (in a flash forward) we discover Locke (aka Jeremy Bentham) dead in a funeral home back in "regular" time.. meaning that he left the Island after some time and ended up dead.... does this mean that Ben can go back?

Of course... there is a ton of unanswered stuff about where and when the Island might be -- what happened to Daniel and his boat ? Is Desmond still his constant ? Is Penny in danger to be killed by Ben? Will the Oceanic Six go back to the Island? Will Walt keep growing? That flash forward of him meeting Hurley was freaky stuff... maybe we will see more of him next season but I am not counting on Michael... I think his story might be over but I can hardly wait until next season.. wait dammit -- that means 2009... arghhh!!!!