Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Week 7

Things continued along nicely this week after the no surprise elimination of Marlee last week. Things may be a little bit more chaotic this week with Cristian having his second dance cut short by a nasty cramp (a first I believe in this series)... but last night was surprises a plenty... and it was a night that each of our remaining teams had to perform 2 dances, one Ballroom and the other Latin.
It goes with out saying that Marissa & Tony are hitting their stride, and I honestly have never seen such a big goofy grin on Tony before. It looks good, they are dancing well together and kicked some butt last night. They started off with a great Tango and then later followed with a Rumba. Marissa is shining like a star and got her best scores, and ended up overall for the evening in the top performers.
Cristian & Cheryl had a bit more of a challenging time last night, and while their first dance (Viennese Waltz) was okay.. but they are trying to hard to play up the cutesy factor with Cristian and started showing his daughter... sigh... I hate it when they try to exploit children to get votes. Their second dance was a Samba, and Cristian was shaking it all like crazy until he got a cramp and things ended painfully. The poor guy was even sent off for medical care (what?) and they got a crappy score for effort. I don`t think that he will be cut tonight because of the injury... but they did have the lowest overall score for the evening.
Kristi & Mark were HOT HOT HOT again last night, and although they didn`t get a great score in their first dance (Viennese Waltz) because it was too `out of Len`s comfort zone`, they pulled off a great performance and in my eyes are still the team to beat. Their second dance (Cha Cha) was even better, but because non conventional it was panned by Len again. Mr. Cranky-pants was no fun at all last night while our other judges were all excited by seeing something new and different. After all was said and done, they were still up near the top of the pack. I don`t expect to see them get eliminated... but this is the first week that they have gotten lower scores than usual.
Mario & Karina are still boring me senseless. Yes I know he is cute... but I don`t like their chemistry and don`t find myself particularily interested in their performances (which is funny because the first couple of weeks I loved him and now have lost interest). They got a great score for their Mambo but only a decent one for their Foxtrot. I don`t expect to see them around at the end of the season. I expect to see them in the bottom 2 again tonight.
Shannon & Derek are trying to defuse the tension that has been around since they went on their rant about getting bad scores (and dissing the judges and other participants) and Shannon even went to the point of slapping on some fake booty to try to get some more hip action happening this week. It was okay.... they got a good score for their Tango (best score to date) but their Mambo (even with prosthetics) was just okay.... I have the feeling they will be leaving sooner than later but then again it depends on how the votes go. They are my choice to leave this week, but have the feeling it might be an upset and Cristian will be eliminated. We`ll see later!