Monday, June 30, 2008

How do you solve a problem like Maria? - Week 2

Week 2 has arrived and last night all of our remaining Marias were "taken out of their comfort zone" and given songs that have been made famous by Canadians in this (almost) Canada Day
Donna is still rocking the house big time... she was one of the very few (there were only 3 performances that did anything for me) that seem to score big points with the Judges. Kyla did a nice job (but I am still convinced that she can't be Maria because she is too curvy and sexy... Maria isn't that top heavy usually or have cleavage) and Marisa redeemed herself after having to sing for her life last week. She impressed the hell out of me.
The show seems to be finding it's rhythm better this week and even Gavin seems to be more on the ball (there are the occasional awkward pauses or he has to run to get on camera), but I am still finding it very friendly as far as reality shows go and wondering if the girls will start cat fighting or being hyper competitive amongst themselves .. well ... this is Canada after all and I imagine that they will still end up being polite .. much to the disappointment of John Barrowman. Our dear friend seems to find us Canadians as talented but less ruthless than our counterparts across the pond ... and maybe that isn't a bad thing. I think that Jayme needs to go tonight.