Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bones - The Man in the Mud

After several months off (the last time was before Christmas), we finally got down to some fresh Bones this week and I am a very happy camper indeed.
Things picked up well from where we were last time, and our friend Sweets is now an official member of the cast (for how long no one knows -- I still have the feeling that something about him is too good to be true and would not be surprised if there is some kind of a connection with the mysterious Gormagon ... time will tell on that one.)
I think the thing that I have missed the most is the rapid fire and very funny exchanges between the characters. Bones is so out of tune with regular day to day stuff and her apparant lack of social skills always makes for a good laugh. The storyline with the body being discovered in the mud pool and Bones insisting that the mud be drained and sent off for analysis was just too funny. People don`t know when/how/if to take her seriously (and they should, she doesn`t really joke around) and it always makes me giggle to see how easily Temperance can make people`s heads spin.
Unfortunately there wasn`t a lot with some of the supporting cast this week (Zack and Jack were hilarious playing king of the lab while Angela didn`t have enough of a role this week and neither did Cam) and I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the `Others` from Lost playing the snarky lawyer for one of our suspects. His comment about sarcasm not being translated well on the transcript was pretty good, and I wonder if he will be another character that will show up from time to time.
Having the sessions with Bones, Booth and Sweets was absolutely the best part of the episode. I love the interaction, the `double date` scenario and how Bones and Booth turned things around (and against) Sweets while watching him have a meltdown with his fish loving girlfriend. Bone`s sheer incredulation about `fish and people aren`t the same-- people can`t breath underwater` went beyond answering a rhetorical question to clearly demonstrating her different perspective on life. Booth was such a surprise on the `date`.. and for someone who didn`t want to go and `make something`, he did a great job on his horse (too funny) and had a much better time watching Sweets and his girlfriend bash heads than anything else. Having Sweets taken under the care of Bones and Booth at the end of the episode (after Sweets gets dumped) was brilliant, and made for another great episode. I can hardly wait until next week!