Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Week 6

Dancing with the Stars continued a great season with it`s first perfect score (big congrats to Kristi & Mark who pulled out a fantastic Jive and wasn`t Mark adorable all nerdy?). I loved the behind the scenes stuff and was surprised to learn that Kristi was born with club feet and managed to become a Gold medal winning figure skater. She is turning into an even bigger surprise than I expected. At the rate those 2 are going it`s going to be hard for any team to catch them....

Following up from last week.. it was no big surprise that Priscilla was let go last week and this week it looks like Marlee is in big danger of being let go. It`s your typical `Survival of the Fittest` and last week we had the oldest competitor let go and this week it will more than likely be the hardest working but most challenged competitor. I feel for Marlee as you can see how hard she works (and it is just astounding that she has done as well as she has to date), but as the competition advances and the dances become harder and harder it is even harder for some one who can`t hear and who needs to be on the beat all the time.

I think that Marlee has broken a lot of assumptions that we all have regarding deaf people, and I think she has been an astounding role model and example to everyone. Her dance with Fabian was good (she still surprises me) but you could feel how it was forced and how her partner kept grabbing her and moving her in the right direction. I do have to say that she looked great-- and I am still really impressed overall.

Shannon Elizabeth & Derek danced a nice Rumba and you can see that there is some definate chemistry between the 2 of them (Samantha called them on their ` Showmance` and the 2 of them tried to blow it off.) They got the average score of the evening (24) and should still be around this week. The girls in the audience seem enamored with Derek (mr bare chest at the beach) and that might help keep em around for a couple of more weeks.

Jason Taylor & Edyta pulled off a nice and steamy Cha Cha.... and although Jason didn`t `dance big` he has great chemistry with Edyta (they look so hot together) and they got a decent score (24). The judges seemed to be kinda bitchy last night (mostly Bruno and Carrie Ann) but they were still giving out good scores.

Cristian de la Fuente & Cheryl did a Foxtrot, which, was Cristian`s best dance to date. They looked great together, the dance flowed well and it`s kind of funny that Cristian does better in Ballroom than in Latin... it must be more of that Chilean stuff. They got all 9s and were in the top performers of the evenign which was a big difference over last week when they were in the bottom 2. Len promised to moon if they were in the bottom 2 so let`s just hope that the public voted!

Mario & Karina did a steamy Rumba... which was a little too slutty for Len (no surprise there) but was loved by Carrie Ann and Bruno who thought it was `hot hot hot` and better than good sex. I still find their chemistry kinda funny, but they did a nice job and got an almost perfect score of 28.

My favorite was on fire last night. Marissa Jaret Winokur & Tony pulled out all the stops with the Viennese Waltz and they had a lovely, flowing dance that whirled around the dance floor. Marissa has really gotten her groove back and I was happy to see that they got a couple of 9s and Marissa (and Tony) were both so excited. They really are a good example of how much fun the show is.

It was fun last night to see the first group number (even if it was pretty chaotic) and I am still pretty impressed with the overall quality of the dancers this time around... and I wonder if those rumors that Paula Abdul wants to participate (she was there last night--hmmm) are true?

So tonight will be the big result show... and rumor has it we will see some of our favorites from year`s past, including Mel & Maks, and I can hardly wait! I just hope that they don`t rush it all at the end like last week and that our eliminated couple has time to say good bye before doing their last dance. Bye Marlee, you did a great job and you will be missed.