Thursday, April 24, 2008

Girlicious: Thank god it`s FINALLY over

After the last couple of months, and last week`s ultra suckey episode where not one of the girls got eliminated, they finally decided to go with 4 of the girls (instead of the 3 that they said they were looking for) and poor Charlye was the only girl eliminated. Why you ask? Because she was HONEST and told the Judges that she wasn`t interested in being in a group with those 2 bitches, Natalie (uber bitch) and Chrystina (baby bitch).

I think the thing I found the most hilarious was how Charlye just up and vanished off the stage the moment she was eliminated... and was not interested in hanging around to see what happened next. It`s a shame really, because she has such talent and hopefully she will find something more interesting to do. All in all, I am pretty disappointed with the last couple of weeks and the sudden changes in group numbers. If Charlye had played nice would it have been all the girls? I still see some major meltdowns happening (I bet that Tiffanie will leave over time as she wasn`t too fond of those other 2 girls) and I can`t see how they can advertise that the 4 girls are the `Best of friends` --- we all watched the show and saw how catty and bitchy some of them are. Anyways.... let`s just hope that there are no more vanity projects in the future for Ms Antin ... do we really need another Pussycat Dolls clone?