Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Rant - Spring Boost

Thursday is turning into a 3 night event as there is wayyyyyyyyyy too much playing this particular evening to be able to see all of it "live". Case in point, this week I watched Survivor, Supernatural and Lost the actual Thursday evening, and caught up with Smallville, Step it up & Dance on Friday evening while getting my Battlestar Galactica fix and then finally got around to watching CSI and l'il Bush on Saturday while getting the latest Doctor Who from the BBC (another astounding episode)..... and getting treated to a new Mad TV things are getting a little out of hand with this up and down/back and forth season... and I am looking forward to things getting back to a more normal pace.

I still don't understand why so much has to play on one night -- and thank the gods of wherever for file sharing and DVRs, otherwise I'd miss out on a few things. Yeah I know, it's pathetic.

This season of Survivor is turning into one of the better ones in recent years (and now it seems, future seasons will be in HD -- watch out!) and the last episode hit another home run with yet another "stoopid move". Last week Ozzy got blindsided and eliminated with out playing the Immunity Idol, so it was "re-hidden" on Exile Island. Jason gets sent to the Island, discovers it, and after another chain of events (and the most creative use of the word "Bitch" by Natalie), Jason gets blindsided (dolt) and gets sent home just like Ozzy... and that damned Idol is going back in to hiding, and we will have to see if someone finds it again....

The guys are in short supply ( only James and Erik are left) and the girls will start fighting amongst themselves once again.... girl power can go so far but it all depends on who wins Immunity over the next few weeks... and it seems that James has a nasty infected finger so you never know who will get an advantage this game... I still say watch out for Cirie.

Smallville didn't hit as well this week, Clark seemed pretty whiny and intense (none in a good way) and if Chloe wasn't around to keep it all together I am not sure what would be going on. Umm next week is about Time Travel and going back to Krypton? huh? Secret Agent Jimmy was mildly amusing but I would have preferred a better follow up to last week's better written episode. Still... another Lana free episode and that is a good thing in it's self.

Supernatural came back (again) this week with an okay but not great episode. I liked the premise of the episode ( Ghost Hunters Facers) but it was missing all of the Sam & Dean interactions that make the show so great. The other characters weren't interesting enough and once all was said and done (and erased) all they had was some bad memories and a lost friend, and that seemed kind of sucky as far as endings go. I think I am expecting more because there haven't been as many episodes due to the strike, and in a regular season it would have been better received.

Lost keeps sucking me in further and further and I hate to say it, but I might actually be pulling for Ben (yes, believe it or not) after this week's stunning death (be at peace Alex) and this Ben-centric episode. Seriously.... first there is the whole phone call warning system (way cool) and then Ben has weapons stashed everywhere and he gets everybody where he wants to make his stand. Unfortunately, he tries to bluff his way out of a dangerous situation where there are holding his daughter(not?) Alex as hostage and he pushes too far, believing that his conviction that because Alex supposedly doesn't mean anything to him, will not be used as a pawn in this struggle.

Ben miscalculates, or as he sees it, the rules get changed and Alex is sacrificed as a result. Ben goes wild, disappears through a mysterious door with hieroglyphics and before you know it the Smoke Monster is taking care of the invaders (I guess he turned off the protective field) and the next thing we know he is in the desert in a Dharma uniform. After assaulting a couple of probable bandits (in a very nifty way), he is off to Tunisia where we learn it is 2005 and he is meeting up with Said (as one of the Oceanic Six) and we learn why Said is working with Ben.

On the island.... something is up with Jack but I am not too worried as he has been seen in the flash forwards. Our gang learn that their new friends aren't there to save them (thanks Bernard) and there was some general mayhem everywhere. With Smokey on the loose I worry for the rest of the gang, and we already had several casualties courtesy of the invading force and I worry that there won't be any survivors other than the Six at this point. Locke, Hurley and Ben are off to see the wizard... Jacob on Island time but in the future things end up with Ben getting into a private building and his warning to Mr.Widmore about changing the rules and now it will cost him his daughter (Penny) had me on the edge of my seat.

So this is the shape of things to come.... things are moving along quickly and I have so many questions, the biggest being How the frack can Ben travel in time? This show is too cool...

Battlestar Galactica continues it's final season with great episode after great episode. I loved all the freedom of religion undertones this time around, but also all about the intense feelings of redemption and guilt that are being experienced by Tigh. His projections of his dead wife on Six were most disturbing, and even more disturbing to hear Six explaining how pain makes her feel and how she shares it with Tigh. yikes.

The President, and her way of dealing with Baltar, impressed the hell out of me ( I loved her comment to him that she was no longer in the mood to indulge him) and the weird scene of Six helping Baltar make his stand and taking back his right was strange.... it makes me wonder how real Six is and how she is not seen by the others yet can physically manipulate Baltar. There wasn't enough action with the big group of cylons this week nor with Starbuck and her crew but there is always next week.

Doctor Who is still a fun a ride as ever with not one, but two companions this week. Donna and the Doctor run into Martha, and we have some fun and games with the Sontarans, some interesting green technology and a rotten child genius. I love the character development and interaction, and find it quite interesting that Donna keeps running into some of the other companions of the Doctor, first Rose (although she didn't know it) and now Martha. I like how things are tying together, and the episode is great fun with Donna's family realizing that they know the Doctor from different situations. Of course it's a big cliffhanger, and I can hardly wait until the next episode to find out how this one turns out.