Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend Rant: It`s a mad mad mad world

Survivor Micronesia (aka Fans vs Favorites) continued it's great season with an all out chaotic episode this week. Not only do we get the merge (which seemed a tad bit early to me), but we could some funny play with the phony baloney Immunity Idol, some fierce competition in the Immunity Challenge and some hilarious game moves by some of the players. We actually saw more of the other players this week than we have at any other time.

The sudden merge, the interesting feast ( bats? yuck..) and the choosing of the name was all insane. I loved how Erik made up a word (Dabu) and it became the name for the merged tribe. This season is going in so many different directions compared to previous ones. The jealous looks and tension that is starting to pop up because of Alexis and her interest in Ozzy (I think everyone is infatuated with him) and of course, Amanda and her big interest in Ozzy and her sudden bad feelings towards Alexis seems to speak volumes.... Pavarti and her ability to make a deal with everyone is going to end up screwing her and probably a few people around her...

Jason is trying to prove his mettle against Ozzy (it seems all the Fan boys have a man-crush on our uber-player) and they go for broke in their endurance Challenge. Although Jason wins, his attitude makes him a poor winner, and he has already promised his buddy Eliza the " Hidden Immunity Idol " that he found on Exile Island (aka the fake placed there by Ozzy), and once he shows her the Idol, Eliza is pretty convinced that it's a fake (very perceptive) but decided to go for broke and plays it anyways.

An interesting move.... and Ozzy almost lost it big time at Tribal Council when Eliza pulled that out of her bag and tried to avoid being ousted..... the gang seems to be getting a little uppity with Ozzy and I am beginning to worry for him... we'll see what happens with all of that over the next few weeks. My biggest concern at the moment is still Cirie.... I just don't trust her...

Battlestar Galactica continues it's mind blowing final season with a huge episode on Ethics (amongst the Cylons and how some of the factions want to keep the Raiders lobotomized as they are beginning to evolve... and that won't do for some of them), and a ton of development with Starbuck's story and about Trust. Her sudden appearance makes many of them think that she is a Cylon and they don't trust her judgement (or story for that matter) and after a great confrontation with the President (and comparing Trust/Faith issues) we learn that Starbuck is going insane as they move farther and farther away from Earth... and that she might lose her contact with Earth if they keep moving away. Holy frack.... the stories, characterizations and acting that this series brings blows my mind. Katee Sackoff kicks major butt in her freak out scenes and I can not believe what they pack into one hour.

Step it up & Dance had a not bad second episode.... I liked the visit to see L'effleur des Sens and then learning more about the Apache style of dance. The competition was interesting.... I do like seeing the dancers divided into the "Winning" and "Elimination" groups after their initial audition. I'll still give it a couple of weeks to see how it grows on me but it hasn't become essential viewing nor is it trashy enough (yet) to warrant being given "Guilty Pleasure" status.

I still haven't completely recovered from the jaw dropping season finale of Torchwood to really say anything except " holey crap..."

Doctor Who has played 2 great episodes this far on the BBC, and this week's Pompeii Episode was just terrific. I love Catherine Tate and her Donna Noble character has been adding an interesting dimension with the Doctor. She has me in hysterics last week when they finally met up again in "Partners in Crime" and she pleasantly surprised in this week's Time Travel episode. I still get the occasional hint of some of her more noted characters when she gets going, but she is doing some nice dramatic work here. The Doctor keeps things as cheeky as usual.

The show is as well produced as ever and all the makeup, costumes, decor and sets were phenomenal this time around ( I hear they used the sets of Rome for this episode) and each episode has been leaving me giddy. I can hardly wait until next week... the Ood are back and that is never a good thing!