Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Rant - Things are going to get a bit messy

Smallville pulled out one of their best episodes (of all time) this week with "Descent" and the episode really highlighted Lex as he continued down his path to complete evil. Killing your dad and then burning your manifestation of your "good" side makes for a very deep and disturbing character and it was an extremely well performed episode by Michael (Lex). I am still in complete awe with his portrayal and interpretation of the character. Lex is on a one way ticket to hell and he doesn't care who is in his way or what he has to do to get to his goal. Kudos to dear old Dad, who, unless there is some other miraculous resurrection, will be gone and the last "adult" cast member will be finished on the series.

I could have done with a bit less of the hokey Veritas crap and the Traveller stuff, but the episode was pure story without all the usual angst that is in a regular episode of Smallville.... could it possible have been the fact that Lana wasn't in this episode (Kara neither) made it seem less whiny? Things are tying up nicely this season, and now if they could finally start getting Clark "oomphed" up a bit and get him flying, (they are still avoiding that, but the time has come my friends-- you better go with it) but they have started upping the anty when it comes to Clark and his powers ( I thought his creative use of Heat vision was great this week) and I would really like to see him becoming more of his potential and less of the angst ridden whiny character that they often portray him as.
Cirie has reinforced (once again) my theory that you CAN NOT trust her in the latest happenings on Survivor:Micronesia ... and I have been saying for weeks to get rid of her-- and now Ozzy has been eliminated from the competition in a bone headed move that is way up there with "bad moves" in Survivor. (James is still the champ with having 2 Immunity Idols and getting the boot). It broke my heart to see Ozzy go, but let's be honest here... he was starting to get way too egotistical about the whole thing and he was outplayed in some major shenanigans. Erik is really growing on me after his visit to the Micronesian village (and after all that beer and Betel nuts) and he is quickly becoming my favorite player to watch with his whole "wide eyed innocent thing". The girls are getting their groove on in many ways and I think the claws will be coming out soon which should make for some good episodes. I still wish Ami was around to work that whole "girl power" vibe, but just seeing the look on Eliza's face when Ozzy got eliminated was worth the shock. Ozzy was less than graceful with his exit and he should have followed his earlier feelings and pulled out the Idol. Yet another one wasted... what is the use of having one if you don't use it? It's still a shame to see him gone and it looks like the guys are the endangered species this round.

Battlestar Galactica is so fracking good that I am now dreading the day it ends.
This week's episode "The ties that bind", continued rocketing our storyline into much unfamiliar and very disturbing territory.
The ties that bind - Cally & the Chief - besides the obvious;their child -- is their violent past and when Cally discovers, much by accident and suspicion, all about her dear hubby and some of his friends their shocking Cylon secret ("skinjobs") and she ultimately pays the price for this knowledge. Her discovery, the surreal scene that followed of Chief chatting with her and trying to explain the false truth and her violent attack on him before going off to try to commit suicide was astounding.
I was worried for the baby (probably some hybrid?) and you could feel the fear and tension that Cally had as she wrestled with the dilemma of Cylon hubby (and crew) and when one of our dear skinjob friends shows up (Tory) and tries to play nice before ultimately slapping her down and grants her death wish by blasting Cally out the airlock ... I was completely blown away. Just when you thought there was hope and redemption for some characters you realize that they are a lost cause. Tory has been mostly a background character, but since the reveal that she is one of the Cylons her storyline has been taking on a whole new direction and she has been given the chance to show some acting chops. Her sudden shifts have been very effective. Now of course... if Cally shows up next week on a Resurrection Ship we might have the identity of our unknown Cylon... and maybe that could explain why their baby has never shown up on the radar as important before... just a theory.
The ties that bind -- Starbuck & Anders -- the on again off again couple are off with a crew on the Demetrius looking for the way to Earth. Adama still has a spark of hope in Starbuck, and although our heroine is feeling disconnected and not quite herself (me thinks red herring, making us think that she might be Cylon when I think she will be the one that will save them all) and has some rough hot sex with stud man. Starbuck is painting some pretty pictures and going all Sistine Chapel in her quarters. The girl is not as crazy as anyone should think. The whole " Oh frack it let's just frack " scene should clear up any misconceptions about the word frack.
The ties that bind -- Six & the other Cylons -- and their ongoing civil war. Suddenly there is a vote and they want to unite the 12 models? I never imagined Cylons to have neither a spiritual nor such an emotional side and am fracking fascinated over the current internal struggles with in the machines. Seeing the trap that our friends just jumped into (and not a Resurrection ship around) might mean some change in the status quo.
There was still tons more (incredible to believe, all that in one hour) but I was less intrigued by the political stuff (although I love the President) and think that they are still wasting the Apollo character. I am sure this will all tie together in ways I could never imagine.