Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weekend Rant - Endings & Beginnings

What a week.... not only did we start getting towards the end of Girlicious (and what a bitchfest that " Road so far" episode was..) but we got the awesome finale of " Make Me a SuperModel" and the first episode of the final season of Battlestar Galactica........ all that and the season finale of Torchwood and the brand new season of Doctor Who.

Honestly my head is spinning with all the starting and stopping, but here is a quick rant on my TV viewing.

Girlicious is the delicious train wreck that I expect it to be. The "girls" (all different versions it appears) are so catty and difficult with each other that you can hardly see 3 of them working together, let alone forming the "Next great girl group". Yeah right... This show is such a joke... and fills that void missing by shows like JDMA or any other bitchy dribble. I will be along for the ride, always hoping that bitchy Natalie doesn't go all the way..

Make me a SuperModel finished things in fine fashion with Holly taking home the big prize (and well deserved) while my favorite Ronnie came in second, followed by his bro-mance (Ben) and the ever bland Perry. Holly is the finest Hillbilly model since Elly May Clampett and made the season half the success it was. I loved all the "surprises" in the finale (Holly's fiance is hot..) but could have done with out the manufactured drama they call Perry. Puhleese...

Checked out " Step it up & Dance" and will give it another shot before dropping it.. am not sure if the show fills me "Dance" needs (Dancing with the Stars & Do You think You can Dance usually do that) but it did have some interesting moments in it's first look.

Concerning Survivor: Micronesia: DO NOT F**K with Ozzy. I was upset the Amy got the boot after butting heads with superstar man. The game is getting meaner but I still want Ozzy to win.

Battlestar Galactica started off the season strong with continuing the storyline from over a year ago (time flies..) and the discovery that " “There are twelve Cylon models. Seven are Known. Four are Hidden. One Remains” and that things are as fracking complicated and interesting as before.

The return of Starbuck and the strife that the situation creates, the struggle with some of the crew learning that they are Cylon, the new status of Baltar amongst some of the crew.... the situations and characterizations are dead on as usual. I loved the scene with our Four chatting together (and some of the weird flashes, it kind of reminded me of Lost at times) and the big fight scene with Anders getting scanned and then the Cylons retreating. This is not simple Sci Fi, it's complex pathos and humanity and inhumanity all woven into one complicated Gordian knot.

And like that famous knot, this one has is coming to it's inevitable conclusion at the end of the series and this part of the story. ( which probably means that it will finish with them discovering Earth.)

I am still along for the ride.. and yet still dreading "The End" as in some ways I don't want the stories to end and I want to see more of the characters, but then again there might be some kind of continuation in the adaptation to life in our universe after this series. I do know that I will be enjoying the series as long as it continues.