Thursday, April 10, 2008

Girlicious - Star Quality

Things are getting down to choosing the final 3, and this week the ­­­­`girls` were split into 2 groups of 3 to do some `Old school` songs (more of a burlesque feel like the Pussycat Dolls)and there was much drama about Chrystina being with the `other girls` instead of bff Natalie. As a surprise our gang were sent off to film for their first music video and joy of joys, they were filming on a yacht and got all decked out in the trashiest and miniest sailor outfits.

Robin pulls her other sibling (Steven) in as producer for the video and I am thanking the Gods that her brother Jonathon (he of the `banging` hair ) has not been seen this season. I wonder if there are others lurking somewhere else..

Natalie is still being one of the biggest bitches on the show and goes on and on about having won the Charisma challenge it will be easy to pull out the Star Quality and show the other girls what it is all about.

Yeah right....

The filming goes okay... but Carrie is still struggling with dancing (the girl can rock a song like no one) and the filming is a challenge for her. Chrystina keeps getting out performed by the girls around here and it shows that her confidence is taking a hard hit this time around. I am not sure if they keep trying to sell Natalie as a viable contender (or they keep highlighting her because she has that bitch factor) and there is the whole trashy bathtub scene with her and Chrystina bonding instead of practicing. I am pretty sure their work ethic is being noted and it will impede them from winning.

After all the drama, Carrie is finally eliminated (too rock and too tall if you look at the other girls) and Natalie is in the bottom 2. Charlye and Nichole are my 2 picks for being in the group, and the final position will be more than likely Tiffanie. I just want to see Natalie hit the road next week, and was giggling with delight this week when she was told that she was weak and needed the group to support her..... yeah right... Star Quality??? LOL