Monday, June 23, 2008

How do you solve a problem like Maria? - Vote !

Things got off to an interesting start with the first week of performances and tonight will be the first elimination.

Albeit the technical glitches ( yup it was live, and it was interesting to see one of our Marias have to deal with a dead microphone) it was a fun evening. I enjoyed how each of the Marias sang a different song (not from the Sound of Music) that they had to belt out like it was musical theatre, and some of the Marias did an amazing job.

I love seeing John Barrowman as one of the Judges and hope they find their rhythm after the first week. It seemed rushed at times for the Judges to get in their opinion, and it looks like John is going to be the hard ass of the group. I was hoping that Elaine or Simon was going to take that role but it appears that Captain Jack is on board for that reason. If last night was any indication, I think that they got tons of votes (or had tons of technical issues) that kept the lines busy last night as I gave up trying to call in after more than an hour and went online to vote for ... drum roll please .... the fantastic Donna who gave me the shivers hearing her belt out " I am changing" from Dreamgirls that was unbelievable.

Here's hoping that she is still around after tonight -- what a voice and such presence!