Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shear Genius - Sheer Heaven!

Things zipped along quickly in the season premiere of the second season of Shear Genius. Me thinks that Bravo had too much fun with casting this round because there are so many wild characters.

Besides the sheer thrill of seeing Jaclyn Smith again ( yes there are lots of gay men who still have their crushes on some of these TV women), I couldn't get over the first quick cut challenge ... do your cut blindfolded with your model wearing safety glasses and a prayer. Yikes!

Charlie (as seen here), may not have won the first quick cut challenge or the "make me a cartoon star" challenge, but he quickly drew a line in the sand with his "I don't care if any of the other contestants like me, I am not here to make friends" remark. Gotta love a guy that is there to win, and he pushed the envelope even further by recreating Marge Simpson's hair ( "white trash, just like me" says Charlie) in a challenge that was intended to be inspired but not a literal translation of the character. All of the judges were fascinated with his work and he slid into the top 3 for this week.

Thankfully the ever so deep (and coated with 2 tons of sarcasm) Oshun (seriously, who names these people?) who kept going on and on about his Emmy nomination (which ballooned into 2 nominations later in the show) was chopped this week -- thank the gods for small miracles, but that chick with the bad colour job has got to go soon .. this is about hair right?

Mind you ... after seeing the preview for next week all I can say is OMG, Tabatha is back as guest judge and as bitchy as ever! I am very happy as she was one of my favorite contestants from season one. THEN they have the balls to show some of the stuff coming up this season and I almost wet my pants... OMG a Charlie's Angel Challenge? with Kate Jackson as guest Judge?? Can life get any better??? Yup it's official -- I am completely hooked again for this season.