Sunday, June 01, 2008

Weekend Rant - So you think you can Step it up and Dance ?

So you think you can Dance? has been back for the past couple of weeks (and several hours per week -- yahoo !) and the try outs have been amazing. There is some real talent out there and I am looking forward to getting down to the competitions as there are still too many fakes and flakes showing up for the auditions.

I hope some of those characters don't come back again (you know who I am talking about), but I am astounded each and every time by some of the amazing breakers and poppers who do those out of the world moves.

Besides ... it is such a hoot (and many a scream) to watch the try outs with Mary Murphy on board, who definitely makes it a worthwhile experience and it is simply the Best Dance Competition on TV. Bar none -- seriously.

Step it up & Dance has been finishing up it's first season with a bit of a rocky ride... last week was the non-elimination elimination round ...yeah that didn't make much sense to me either, nor more than bringing back Oscar and then dismissing him the week after for the same reasons that he had been eliminated for previously. The competitions are interesting and certainly creative as far as dance competitions go, and I am in serious infatuation with Cody, our hot Canadian boy. ( I am willing to forgive that he is from Surrey, being a former Vancouverite myself). I still think he has a chance of winning it all but the Judges have been more critical the past couple of episodes.

The weird thing about the series, is that they pulled a "Project Runway" and the competitors are sent off for a few weeks to choreograph a 1 minute solo. I don't think 1 minute is too long of a solo and I hope there is more to the finale than that-- and lo and behold my wishes are granted by another elimination round. Our dancers have to work with 2 of the Judges (Vincent Paterson and Nancy O'Meara) and they will be doing Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror". The gang just recently danced to the Anniversary of Thriller and I am wondering where Bravo is getting all the love for MJ. Is there a reality show in the works for the former King of Pop?

Anyways the 5 are back... Cody, Nick, Miguel, Janelle and Mochi. All of them have been busy with other projects and getting their solo together. Miguel looks like a bad version of Liza Minnelli and Nick is looking pretty hot.... we get down to rehearsal (they have only 4 hours) and right away Liza and Janelle are feeling challenged due to their lack of technique. The competition is good for weeding out details like that and you can see the difference in the quality of the moves in this very tight, very technical piece. Nick, Cody and Mochi are doing well (as usual)... the Judges ask for more from Cody as they don't feel he emotes enough. I don't have any problems with his performance and find him breathtaking to watch. Mochi is as beautiful as ever and Nick does an amazing job, really shining.

Janelle is struggling- especially in her transitions and needs more technique. Liza is being all whiny about not keeping up with the basics and dancing from where it counts and has me bored senseless. I have no idea why this twit is still around unless it is for comic relief. After the final performance of the routine, we have guest judge Toni Basil ( oh Mickey!) which is so fine ... Nick wins, followed by Mochi and Cody and the bane of my existence Liza rounds out the final 4. Poor Janelle leaves (good luck) and we get to see the solo performances and the winner next week.

My heart is with Cody for the win, but my brain and money is on Mochi, she has been one determined competitor from day one and has proven herself time and time again.
You go girl !