Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kathy Griffin - In a land down under

Kathy continues this A listed season (seriously, this may be called the D List but our red headed firecracker is anything but D List) with a very gay flight to Australia for the very gay Mardi Gras.

Jessica has to deal with some personal demons of her own, a completely illogical fear of drag queens (kind of like having a fear of clowns) that Kathy mocks for all it's worth. Just brilliant stuff. There was a cute scene with Kathy and her mom (as usual with a glass of wine and wayyyyyyy too much make up) that was very touching and Kathy got sent off with her mom's blessing.

Kathy works her ass off for the 15 hour flight (ok yes, that is pretty D List as far as gigs go but it looked hilarious and exhausting) and Kathy keeps going on and on about how she does and will do almost anything for the gays. She is doing lots of mugging and taking photos and doing lap dances. It's all very endearing and I hope to hell that she will be doing the same thing when she comes to Montréal this July 17th for a 7 PM gala at the Just for Laughs Festival. (hint hint) ... I can not express enough how much it would mean to me to have a meet and greet photo op with Miss Fabulous...... I would literally explode!

Enough begging for this week ... getting back to the flight .... I do have to say that her breakfast service seemed to be quite abrupt (I don't think Kathy is much of a morning person) but once they hit the ground in Sydney it's non-stop as she does gig after gig, and has some fun and games with several of her A List friends.

In this possible "best episode ever", Kathy and Team Griffin meet up with Lance Bass and have a great visit to the zoo (loved Kathy trying to buy that Koala bear), Kathy hitches up with Carson Kressley (queerest episode ever) for Tea time with Olivia Newton-John. I kid you not... Olivia fricking Newton-John (who looks fab as usual) and the poor dear is shocked senseless by Kathy who tries out some new material and shocks the shit out of her. The whole c**t-features thing was too much .. those Aussies have a wicked sense of humour.

Kathy continues her time with meeting up with gal pals Margaret Cho and Cyndi Lauper (like I said .. best episode ever) where they go shopping for some gear at Priscilla's (like the movie - making me wonder if this is the gayest thing that I have ever seen?) before going off to be in the big parade for the very gay Mardi Gras. Kathy is having tons of fun with her gal pals (and it's nice to see her hanging with friends, and does she ever have some fun friends..) and you can see her admiration for Cindy. Margaret is actually the Chief/Grand Marshall of the Parade and has invited Kathy to join her on the big float. Of course Kathy works all of her magic to make sure that there are some Press opportunities and gets some decent press time with all her appearances.

In true D List fashion, Team Griffin fumbles the ball when it comes to the Parade and they end up not finding the big float with gal pal Margaret Cho (you would think it would be easy to find since it has the Big Poobah on it) so they end up crashing a few other floats and walking part of the route. I guess that is Life on the D List....