Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Post -Weekend Rant - Cody Steps it Up

Things worked out as I was hoping for at the end, and our Canadian boy, Cody, won the big prize and closed out this edition of Step it up & Dance. I am not sure that there will be another one (the series was pretty mediocre as far as flow goes, but at least had some interesting competitions).

Our final episode was fraught with the unknown. Our final four have to learn some new choreography (in no time -- just like real dancers!) to a Fergie song from the Sex and the City Movie soundtrack. If you win, you get to be in a video with Akon's protégé Colby. You know that there will be comparisons thrown around, and Miguel names all the dancers as characters and of course, decides that he HAS to be Carrie... after all he is the star. In a curious twist of fate, Liza (aka Miguel), has one of those dreaded dance injuries (twisted ankle) that can make or break a performance. Liza is unsure whether or not to continue (I am begging at home to just quit and leave, but alas, my pleadings fall on deaf ears) and in a final show of strength, Liza pulls off the dance number and does the solo.

Blah -- nothing to see really except Liza doing what Liza wants and since it's his style you can't say it was right or wrong -- I can just say it wasn't doing it for me. And oh yeah.... no fricking way in hell you are a Carrie Bradshaw either so on to the next....

Nick pretty much did the same thing -- his solo was cute, but he didn't advance past the " look at me grinning" part. At least he looks like a guy when he dances. Sorry Nick... but congrats on making it to the final four.

Mochi (my second favorite) was remarkable. She caught on to the new choreography in no time (like she usually does) and does a beautiful solo. She has such strength and incredible lines that I am pretty sure she has a good chance of winning it all... she has just won the last choreography challenge and will be doing the music video ( I am sure that the fact that she was the last woman standing had nothing to do with it...) ... all in all Mochi has done a great job and she is a clear contender for the win.

Cody does a great job in the choreography (as usual) and does a great solo, technically very difficult and pulls off a great performance. He has been the "Golden boy" for most of the competition (much to the chagrin of Liza) and is finally announced as the winner. I was hoping for the win and happy to see that some one nice, well rounded and a great dancer got the prize and not some preening prima donna who is technically stunted.

The competition was interesting --- now here's to see if Bravo will try it again with some modifications... or if this was a one trick pony that has now moved on to greener pastures. I get a better dance fix from So you think you can Dance? and although I may check out a second season, if it's the same formula (and those really bad introduction graphics) I will change my mind and skip it next time around... it just falls short.