Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reality Round Up - Are you the one?

The CBC started running the Canuck version of " How do you solve a problem like Maria? " this week, looking for the next lead of the Sound of Music on Broadway. I am a huge fan of the classic film and it is a regular holiday staple here. There are some very big names that are associated with the show such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Simon Lee, Elaine Overholt and John Barrowman (yes he of Torchwood and Doctor Who fame) as the regular judges.
The hilarious Gavin Crawford (from 22 Minutes) is hosting-- and Gavin does have a completely nonchalant attitude towards the whole thing.My favorite contestants so far are Donna and Katie -- but we'll have to see how things develop as neither are the typical Julie Andrews look. I love the marketing for the show -- the simple M? logo and the catch phrase " Are you Maria?" make the concept sound simpler than it actually is. It looks good so far and has my interest, let's hope that now we are to the " Top Ten" situation and the voting will start that the real contenders step up and show us why they should be Maria.

So you think you can Dance ? has finally passed the selection process and we are now into the partner competition part of the series. I enjoy the competitions (and find that the dancers and choreography are even more difficult than last year), but am still looking forward to when half the herd has been culled and we are down to the final 10. That's when the competition gets really interesting. Is it just me or are the Judges being even more difficult this year? I know the game is up several levels, but I find the Judges too critical. Twitch and Comfort are a couple of my favorite dancers so far. Last week we lost the first couple, and this week it's kind of up in the air after several iffy performances.

Farmer wants a wife pulled a quick one last night and we are down to the final 2 girls, Christa and Brooke. It's funny... they are the 2 that I thought from the beginning matched well with hunky farmer Matt, and my heart has grown big on Christa (who I think has enough spark to keep Matt on his toes) and have gotten so tired of the ever virginal Brooke, who just seems to be trying too hard and not in the right ways. Here's hoping Matt chooses Christa... now in a perfect world I would love to see the gay version of this one...

Tori & Dean: Home sweet Hollywood started up this week and I am glad to see Tori back in the fast lane. I can't believe how pregnant she is (again) and looking forward to seeing if we will find out some of the back story of her return to 90210. Will things ever be cool with Mommy dearest? Dean is getting back in the acting gig and I can't get over how adorable Liam is.