Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Rant - Summer Series Bonanza

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year for Guilty Pleasures, there is no other time of the year that you will find tons of "filler" fluff that wouldn't make it to the airwaves in regular competitive market time.

It may not be a ratings bonanza, but Celebrity Circus is quickly becoming the show that I can hardly wait to see each week.... yes it is probably heavily influenced by the fact that the drop dead gorgeous Antonia Sabato Jr. is part of the equation, but I find the challenges astounding and really like how the "celebrities" are pushing themselves. As for the Judges ... it makes my evening with the whole " Night of a thousand accents" thing going on ( being from Montréal you have a certain ear and appreciation for franglais) -- our French Judge Aurelia makes the best comments about our performers that always seem to not make much sense and I love how Mitch is their "neutral -neutered Judge" and how Louis just gushes about the gutsy performances. That is some pretty dangerous stuff some of them are trying -- and my choice for the next elimination is the athletic but completely "non-graceful" Janet Evans ... I still don't see all the hype with Stacey Dash (who?), and Christopher Knight is still charming them after all these years. Rachel Hunter may have been a supermodel at some point in her life - but those legs and ass are looking pretty huge now and her last performance caught her in a few very unflattering positions that I would rather have sucked out of my consciousness. Thunder thighs may be on her way out soon as well.

Flipping Out started season 2 and Jeff is as much a whack job as last season, but has been hit on hard times with the real estate market crash and actually has to work for someone that is as fracked up as he is. He is so obsessive compulsive that he makes the most simple task a matter of life or death .. but is trying to control himself better. The situations and his supporting cast (love that Jenni) make it a hoot to watch and I always feel that I am not quite as fracked up after seeing how fracked up things are in his neck of the woods.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List continued the latest season with a hilarious episode that talks all about "merch", her Grammy Award Winning CD and trips to visit Tom's hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, and then Tiffany's hometown of Tracy, California where they will record the Grammy Award Winning CD with a very gay record label. Another great episode with the team hawking t shirts to get new Blackberries and a bizarre visit to a shooting range. Kathy is the new Rodney Dangerfield getting no respect during her employee exploitation tour.

Her team still have not responded to my request to meet when Kathy drops by Montréal to host a gala at the Just For Laughs Festival. Hello Team Griffin ??? A couple of Kathy's gays would love to meet her and heck, I get 10's of viewers daily at my site too! We promise to buy T Shirts and will purchase the Grammy Award Winning CD. Please???? Pretty please??

Maybe I'll luck out -- in the mean time I can hardly wait to see next week when Kathy goes to Mardi Gras in Australia. If it is as much fun as her hosting the Gay Porn Awards it will be another classic evening.

This week: I can hardly wait until the new season of Shear Genius starts up on Wednesday. From the ads I have seen it will be a bloodbath and I can hardly wait. Doctor Who just had a killer episode that featured Donna & Rose and next week it looks like a huge event with guest stars of Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures popping up. It doesn't get much better than that.