Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wipeout! The newest summer addiction

Last night heralded the debut of the most fun I have seen in ages.... ladies and gentleman, if you missed the premiere of Wipeout, check it out on the ABC site ( I was trying to add something to the page and it kept crashing) to see all the hilarity. I have not laughed this hard in ages and hope that we get a whole whack of episodes.
I was thrilled to see (and hear) that John Henson is one of the hosts on duty as he was throwing out the wickedest comments about the participants last night. He slayed me with his comment that one of the girls had the build of a garden gnome and the mouth of a trucker.. the guy is too much and I have very fond memories of him hosting Talk Soup all those years ago. I hope Joel over at the Soup gives you guys a shout out this week.
Things followed up nicely with " I Survived a Japanese Game Show " which was a good follow up.. and very weird show. Damn things are weird in Japan, but you have to love Mama-san and the Bug Splatter on the Windshield elimination round. What next?? I can hardly wait to find out!