Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fringe - Pilot

Well... talk about being on the fence about this one...

Yes, I did check out the season premiere of Fringe... and yes, I was interested in seeing what all the buzz was about ... and yes, I am a huge fan of JJ Abrams ... and usually love most of the stuff that he has done like Alias and Lost .... but I am completely on the fence about the series after a stilted and awkward pilot episode.

I don`t understand the whole story with the boyfriend that she literally went to hell and back (well she had a really bad drug trip) to save, then her boyfriend turned around and tried to kill her.... that was just a big WTF moment that really had me scratching my head.

I get the whole wacky scientist thing (it's been done to death, and I hate to throw a comparison around but there was that kind of element in last year's Bionic Woman fiasco), and yes it is interesting to look at Fringe Science .. but if the stories don`t come together a bit better I won`t be checking it out for long... this show may have a lower life expectancy than that cow in the lab. Maybe now that all the pieces are on the game board it will make a bit more sense but my hopes are not that high.