Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Starting the New Season- More Hits & Misses

With the ton of shows coming back to the airwaves (and a few new ones that need to be checked out), there are already a few things falling off to the wayside and one of the first casualties of the season (after 90210) has been Fringe. The series just hasn't captured my attention and with all the other choices available I just haven't been interested in keeping up. It's time to clear up a bit of room on the PVR and if I hear some critical acclaim for the series it may be checked out later but I am not holding my breath.

Bravo is a hit or miss network for me, and for every show that I love there seems to be a few that just don't make the grade. The Rachel Zoe Project didn't live up to it's advertising, but if the Real Housewives of Atlanta is close to being as over the top as what I have seen so far it will be sneaking it's way on to the Watch List. I am slightly ashamed but I will admit that I will check out the first episode of Paris Hilton's BFF, but more for the shock and awe factor than interest in Parisite.
The Amazing Race kicked off it's 13th edition this week , and right after winning the Emmy for Best Reality Show (again), it blazed out of the gates with the teams leaving the US to Brazil .

The teams seem interesting and there is already some of that delicious tension between some of the teams and there are already a couple of them heading into meltdown mode after one leg. Watch out for Terence & Sarah, Terence is getting the award for most needy and best passive aggressive routine this episode, but Ken & Tina are close behind with the whole thing about his infidelity. Is this the right reality show to be airing this kind of dirty laundry? I was laughing my ass off at the Frat Boys (Andrew & Dan) who seemed to think that they had all the ins to airline travel and got proved otherwise. I think the big lesson in this episode is that you need to read the clues and follow the directions and look for the flag that indicates your particular choice. I am still always in awe when I see players that don't know the rules.

Unfortunately our hippy bee keepers were eliminated this week (too bad), once again proving that it is usually the old and the weak that are the first to go.... it's one of those basic laws of survival. It was another great start and I am hoping next season we can get an edition in HD. The locales and views are too stunning and this show really needs to be showcased in a better format.

Desperate Housewives returned, and after the small teaser at the end of last season that showed a 5 year jump in the storyline I was worried that we were getting into unfamiliar, or even worse, Jump the shark territory.

All I can say is wow... I loved the new developments, the return of Edie and all the different components of what is going on.The flashbacks that they are using to explain the 5 year gap are great, and I was in panic mode for the first part of the episode thinking that Mike was dead (and that would have been too cruel) only to learn that he is still alive and well and sharing custody with Susan and their son. The developments with Bree are heartbreaking (and it will be interesting to see how that develops) and I am so loving her ultra Martha Stewart mode that she is in. There are a lot of things that have not been touched on (such as where are some of the kids?) and I am looking forward to seeing some of the new reveals.

I love the new Gaby. It`s nice to see someone stretch their acting chops more and to see Eva be more than just a hot body and a pretty face. The new tension with Edie (the bitching that will be going on should be too fun and Edie got in some really bitchy comments this week) and her dealing with having a husky girl is funny and tragic at the same time, and it may show the true depth of Gaby, or more than likely her continual struggle with image and looks. It`s to be expected, she is a former model after all.

The jump forward was a gamble but it has garnered my attention... hopefully enough others have as well.