Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Reboot

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returned last night for season 2, and nicely following up to last season's explosive ending (Cameron getting blown up in the end scene), we follow things up from that point with a pretty nifty opening montage full of music and some pretty kick ass scenes. I found it interesting that there was no dialogue for the first several minutes of the show as they preferred to let the music (conveniently vocalized by Shirley Manson of Garbage, the newest cast member) set the mood and it was very well put together.

Cameron (Summer Glau) is still my favorite Terminator, and it was freaky to see her limping around and using a staple gun to hold her skin together. This one tough Terminator ... and I didn't see the whole turning bad and malfunctioning chip thing that turned her from protector to killer coming.

It was pretty obvious that John was going to try to repair her (yes it was stupid but the kid is still learning) and it will be interesting to see if she is really on the mend or if it is part of some other plan. I don`t think things are all fixed and there may be some glitches along the way.

I am still not sold on the Shirley Manson character of Catherine Weaver.... I thought her dialogue at the beginning was terrible and have to say that I found it pretty disturbing (and downright disgusting) that she was disguised as a urinal (WTF??) before going all T1000 liquid metal and sticking a nice spike into that guy's head.... that's one sick writer....

Still... the regular crew were all great, I love how John (Thomas Dekker) is starting to have some balls and take charge and you can see how he is maturing (and it appears that he has some talent as a hair stylist as well, these soldiers are really well trained) and will be sporting more of a butch look than his emo style of last year. These are all good things and I am looking forward to seeing a kick ass fight between Cameron and Catherine. Will our new girl do well against one of these liquid metal models? Time will tell .. I am just happy that we will have a nice full season of episodes and have some time to see some better character development this year. Lena Headey is still an amazing Sarah Connor and it will be interesting to see how she reacts to John spreading his wings and trying to fly.