Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Rant - The Week in Review

Since this is the big start to the new TV season, there is a ton of ranting to do.. so start your engines and off we go...

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is continuing it's sophomore season with some interesting developments but some of the plot lines have me scratching my head and going hmmm a bit too much. This past episode has Cromartie kidnapping Charley's wife, Michelle (Penny from Lost) and setting up an elaborate Mousetrap to keep the gang busy while he goes after John. The stupid thing is that Michelle gets injured and Charley (the paramedic) can't do anything to save her. Bad paramedic.... I am not sure if it's to get him more involved with the team (and possible love interest once again for Sarah) or if it's another example of the sacrifices that she will have to make to protect John. I am not sure if I would want a semi competent paramedic on my team. Shirley Manson is still freaking me out as the ultra slick Catherine, who (apparently) is on a quest for Terminator bits and pieces (she says) and is recruiting poor Agent Ellison over to the dark side. All part of the bigger picture I imagine.

Cameron had a couple of great moments this week showing her robotic/naive side. Her assessment of the centre of the house was great, and her super strength manipulations at the computer store were so matter of fact to her but bad for her cover story/secret identity. I estimated that in the time she took chasing after John and finding him, her truck was probaby emptied out in no time and someone else got some nice shiny new computers. These are those moments that you wonder if stuff like that is intended or is it just more impressive characterisation by Summer. Stealing from a Terminator is probably not a smart thing to do and it will more than likely result in death. The chase scene with John at the Pier seemed strangely familiar, and I was glad to see the fact that these particular Terminators can't swim (or float) exploited. I wonder if future versions could be water adapted or specialised? That could be an interesting version to see. It was also a tad strange that Catherine was drinking water .... something about water and that one.

Bones continued it's season with a great episode and another one of those witty titles "The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond" that brought some of the old energy back. It was great seeing Zack again and having some follow up to his story. It's nice to see that he is recovering from those nasty hand injuries and hasn't really lost his touch when it comes to figuring things out. It turns out that he didn't actually kill anyone ... but I still have this nagging feeling that Sweets is more involved in the whole Gargamel story line than we know and I will not be overly surprised when that fact is revealed. I am so loving the "intern of the week" dynamic that is happening with the gang (it reminds me of Murphy Brown and the never ending cycle of secretaries that she went through) and I wonder if it's a temp thing until they get Zack back. I loved seeing the old chemistry back.... now if we can Hodges and Angela back together again the world will be alright.
I love how they have been humanizing Bones more and trying to show different facets of her very complex personality. Last week with her interest and obvious affection for the dogs and the very touching memorial that she gave, and this week and her tender moments with Zack. Yes, she is terribly logical and literal but she has a good heart. It's time to take things up a whole 'nother level with Booth, you can see how much they like each other and they have such a perverse pleasure in toying with Sweets.
Knight Rider crashed and burned coming out of the gate this week and I knew it was going to be a dud. The writing is as bad as the made for TV movie (I still don't understand why they thought it was such a success that it deserved a regular series, but then again this is the same network that gave us the Bionic Woman fiasco.) The transforming car is just too much and I didn't understand how someone could go from the back of a pick up to driving the car with a few simple transformer moves with out being crushed ... but not much of this show is that logical. Unfortunately part of me still likes the pretty tech( ooh! science!) and the pretty new Michael Knight, I just don't know if I will try to follow it and consider me officially on the fence about this one. There is a lot of choices on the tube and I have the feeling that this is falling to the wayside.

Smallville started the season off not bad last week with some of the Justice League looking for Clark after he some how ended up in a Russian Work Camp. While I don't try to understand some of the story lines, I love that Green Arrow (Justin) is a regular this season, they tried to fix some of the costume issues with the Black Canary by giving her a Birds of Prey inspired one (good move) but they are still relying on her throwing a lot of knives. That still sits funny with me and would prefer if they could go all ninja with her and make her the kick ass martial artist that she should be... but improvements none the less. Aquadude was great... the shower scene certainly showed off his assets... something has to be said about those swimmers bodies... wow...

It's a shame that Lex has vanished (I am hoping for a guest appearance at some point), but I am shedding no tears over the departure of Lana. Our new CEO of Luthor, Tess whatsherface, is a cookie cutter version of some of the great ladies that have worked for Lex, and I think she will be an interesting counterpoint to the good guys. She obviously can't be on the side of Angels and it looks like she is trying to get her own Injustice League (or Suicide Squad?) together to battle the Justice League. Bette (aka Plastique) is an interesting addition to the others (I have to see more) and the show seems to be going into a different adventurous direction.

The developments with Chloe have me scratching my head a bit, all the sudden changes (and now she is no longer interested in being a reporter? what?), only reinforces that I think that part of Brainiac is inside Chloe's head. She can't heal, is smarter in weird ways, and there are a few things that just aren't adding up. I don't really want to get into the angst thing and new love triangle that seems to be developing with the ambulance guy and Jimmy. I could do with out all of that but it wouldn't be the CW if there wasn't some sort of teen like angst happening, they do realize that the kids are no longer in school right?
It looks like this year Lois and Clark will be getting closer and working together, and I really do like Erica as Lois. She does a great, strong take on the character and you can start to see more of the spark between them. Lois is certainly more street smart and damnm does she know how to dress a man. I won't be surprised if Clark starts flying soon. I think that rule can be tossed aside now that we are getting more out of Smallville and in to Metropolis... with all the changes you might as well change the name of this show to Metropolis, it looks like Smallville is just a nickname for our farm boy now. I am appreciating this show more this year and if it doesn't fall into severe emo/teen angst territory it should be a fun watch.

Supernatural found a way of bring Dean back from Hell (Plucked by an Angel it appears, and that almost sounds dirty), but I am having a problem believing that the Hunter culture can know so much about demons and the other ilk and know nothing about the good guys. You would think that you would know a bit more about Angels since Demons piss their pants if they see one... it's a skewed view of the universe that seems unbalanced... and for me is less a question of faith than one of logic, obviously if all this evil exists then there should be a counterpoint.

The whole Apocalypse storyline seems interesting (and face it, shows like this end up saving the world at least once per year) and I am glad that Lilith is still involved on some level. The humor has been lacking a tad this season, but we are only 2 episodes in and there had to be some explaining about Dean's miraculous return. The writing is good, the boys look great and I am looking forward to this season.

This week I am really excited by the return of The Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Chuck and Pushing Daisies. I am so happy to be getting full seasons of some of my favorites and I can hardly wait to jump in to that delicious Pie Heaven that is Pushing Daisies. It's the most original thing on the tube.

On Canadian TV, we finally get around to some new This Hour has 22 Minutes, The Rick Mercer Report and Air Farce Live and So you think you can Dance? Canada starts back up with stage 2 and the selection of the Top 20. It's going to be another busy week....