Thursday, September 04, 2008

Reality Round up - Stick a fork in it - it's done

I was happy that Top Design was coming back to the airwaves after the inaugural season last year. The challenges were interesting enough, and the combination of Todd Oldham (muted but sexy), Jonathan Adler (seriously funny catchphrase man) and Kelly Wearstler (best hair ever on a Judge) with Margaret Russell (she tries so hard to be Nina but will never be) and now new host India Hicks. I think they mentioned that India's father is a great designer at least a million times during the episode, and while it is fun that she has designer in her pedigree... she is more know for being a fashion model. She was a pretty good host though, and I think that Todd works better as the mentor. There was not enough time with Todd this episode and I hope to see more of him in the future challenges.

The new Pop Design Challenge is an interesting concept -- and I have to say that Robert is turning into the biggest douche (so far) in the challenges by throwing his partner Preston under the bus after the first challenge. We all saw how much of a douche he is being and he was damned lucky to not be eliminated this week. Preston was amazing, and our little Martha Stewart boy (Eddie) looks like he might be up for a few challenges and ready to make his mark.

Just from first impressions (and after seeing our designers in action with the 'Impress the best' apartment makeover challenge for the Judges with a budget of $2000), Andrae ,Preston,Nathan and Eddie are on my radar as interesting. Shazia is a train wreck (I can`t believe how error prone that woman is) and Serge is just too young and in to his own thing to care about what the client wants. Robert should get a few of those forks from his shadow box Pop Design Challenge stuck in him for being so two faced and letting his team down.

It was an interesting start -- now to see the games begin and let`s see that Kelly with some wild hair -- that was always a highlight last season.

Project Runway stuck a knife in my heart this week with the aufing of Stella. I loved the challenge to create a look inspired by the fall collection of a fashion icon (and guest Judge) Diane Von Furstenberg. I don't think that Stella has the worst design (Joe was a disaster) and I was really unhappy to see her leave. She is one of the more talented designers and you can't get past her honesty. Stella's final comments? If you don't like her stuff then don't buy it. You will be missed Stella...

As for the Challenge --- Korto and Leanne were on fire as they really got it and created some lovely clothes. Leanne won her second Challenge in a row and is a force to be reckoned with. If some one does not get rid of Suede soon, Suede will be pushed off a building. Suede and the baked one (sigh -- so sad) have got to go, I still don't understand why Blayne is still around after the amount of crap he has produced. Maybe it's the comic relief thing they are looking for but is it really necessary? Don't get me started about the whole stupid Mary Kate thing... I don't agree again this week on their choice of the worst ... this show is really pissing me off this year. Project Runway Canada won't be back until 2009, so it's not like I have much choice.

Reality Bites Back finished off the season with their big spoof of as many reality shows as possible in "American Surv-idoler’s Kitchen". After last week's elimination of Mo at the end to the Amazing Disgrace (astounding spoof on the Amazing Race) it was down to Amy and Theo to win the big prize. Michael Ian Black was as hilarious as ever in his spoofing of reality hosts... and the Survivoresque feeling could not be missed. Best product placement ever in a reality show had to be the McDonald’s Dollar Menu Tree. Each of contestants had to sing at different times (American Idol), make alliances (Survivor), build a Pita Hut (the Kitchen part) before taking part in the final Tribal Council with guest Judges from Big Brother, Survivor and Beauty and the Geek. Theo wins (crap -- I wanted Amy to win) and I hope they can try to do this again... there is too much fodder out there and their level of parody was brilliant.

I have managed to catch up with Outsider's Inn and it's all I could want in a trashy reality show and more. I know the celebrity running a Bed & Breakfast has already been done (Tori & Dean- Inn Love) but the combination of these 3 celebrities and the whole set up is just insane. I cannot believe for 1 minute that Maureen (Marcia) is good friends with Carnie and Bobby. Puhleese! That's just completely nuts -- but the country and redneck feel of the series (I love the support staff) has me hooked. This week's episode with the combination of guest coming to go Bear hunting, the Apple Pie affair and the whole Maureen willing to "take one for the team" was just too much. CMT is turning into one of my Guilty Pleasures with this and Redneck Wedding. Damn, these show are just too funny.